Universal Screenings

A couple of weeks ago we have celebrated the five millionth child examined within the framework of our Universal Hearing Screening Programme. Little Lenka was born in a hospital in southern Poland and we were delighted to learn that her hearing is sound!



It is thanks to the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program that we are now able to say that almost every child born in Poland is tested to detect hearing defects. It is essential to diagnose such impairments as early as possible to be able to treat the child and allow it to develop normally and prevent serious hearing loss. 

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity took up the challenge of implementing this nationwide program in 2002. Since then, over 5 million newborns have had their hearing tested. In a continuous effort to improve the health of children born in Poland, the GOCC foundation has not only introduced the tests, provided the equipment, and trained the personnel, but also created centres where children with hearing defects can be referred to after the exam. 


2018-10-16 16:02:56

Grand Finale objective - revealed!

Because helping is child's play. Next year our charitable collection will be held in aid of specialist children's hospitals. Are you ready to play with us?