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We have examined over 5 800 000 children

Nationwide hearing testing initiative


We have tested the hearing of over 5 800 000 children! Thanks to the nationwide medical initiative we were able to check the hearing of nearly all children born in Poland. Our medical records show that we have tested the ears of Ms Janina's little girl on 13.09.2016 in Cieszyn. She was our five millionth child to be tested! 

One can even say that our screening tests can serve as a birth census in public hospitals in Poland because since the launch of the programme in 2002 we have we have successfully tested the hearing of nearly all newborns! 



It is thanks to the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program that we are now able to say that almost every child born in Poland is tested to detect hearing defects. It is essential to diagnose such impairments as early as possible to be able to treat the child and allow it to develop normally and prevent serious hearing loss. The test is painless and is performed in the first days of a child's life. 

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity took up the challenge of implementing this nationwide program in 2002. Since then, over 5 million newborns have had their hearing tested. In a continuous effort to improve the health of children born in Poland, the GOCC Foundation has not only introduced the tests, provided the equipment, and trained the personnel, but also helped establish and equip 399 facilities which run the tests and helped to establish and equip 93 medical facilities where children with hearing defects can be treated further.  The charity has also worked to improve the conditions and equipment available to doctors in 63 audiology and laryngology centres and 9 centres of early medical intervention

Every day our databases receive nearly one thousand test results from clinics across the country. 



Screening statistics  

  • 2010 - 392 681  screenings
  • 2011 - 366 083  screenings
  • 2012 - 365 538  screenings
  • 2013 - 348 198  screenings
  • 2014 - 353 170  screenings
  • 2015 - 350 822  screenings
  • 2016 - 362 478  screenings
  • 2017 - 381 702  screenings
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Debate on Children's Mental Health Services

The upper house of the Polish parliament will host a debate on children's mental health services on October 21st. Our charity will join forces with the Senate to find the solution to the problems which plight children's psychiatric care in Poland