During the 32nd Grand Finale we raised:
281879118,07 PLN
Respiratory Support

Programme for Non-invasive Respiratory Support

Protecting babies' lungs 

This initiative aims to introduce the safest, most modern method of respiratory support to be used to help newborns in neonatal wards across the country. This non-invasive method accounts for minor trauma to the young and frail breathing system. What is more, it is safe to use on even the tiniest newborns. We aim to provide medical staff with equipment that can replace traditional, invasive forms of treatment. Research shows that prematurely born babies struggle to breathe, so safe, non-invasive methods of support, which are safe to use on vulnerable babies, are vital in providing care and treatment. 
In 2016 we introduced HFNC treatment. Vapotherm devices allow medical professionals to provide careful, precise, and effective care for some of the less severe cases of breathing problems. More importantly, the devices are lightweight and are not an obstacle to contact between the baby and mother. 

We launched this medical initiative in 2003. We decided to provide neonatal clinics at public hospitals in Poland with equipment that can be used to provide non-invasive breathing support to newborns. Each hospital can apply to receive medical devices to be used in non-invasive breathing support. What is more, hospital administrators are obliged to provide us with medical data concerning the cases they treat. 

Key numbers: 

328 neonatal wards across the country received devices from the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. We bought and donated the following equipment: 
  • 612 nCPAP machines, including 182 incubators equipped with Infant Flow devices 
  • 149 high-flow nasal cannula machines HFNC
  • 36 medical ventilators with AveaClio oxygen flow regulation 
  • 95 HFO respiratory oscillating ventilators 
  • 29 non-invasive breathing support machines 
  • 9 neonatal ventilators 
  • 2 devices for delivering nitric oxide

Overall, we have delivered 932 devices within this initiative. 


2024-06-26 14:26:30

We’re off on a shopping spree on Monday!

The 32nd Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC) was dedicated to acquiring equipment for diagnosing, monitoring, and rehabilitating patients in pulmonology wards – catering to both children and adults. Just under five months after the campaign ended, we are ready to make our first purchases of equipment.