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Charitable Tax Deduction - 1% Donation

Under Polish fiscal law each tax payer can donate 1% of their tax to a charity or cause of their choice. It is a very easy way of supporting a charitable cause, which does not require a lot of effort on the part of the donor. If you would like support our work you can name the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity as the beneficiary of 1% of your tax. 

Fundacja Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy
No KRS: 0000030897


This year we asked the public to donate 1% of their tax in support of two causes - we want to purchase equipment such as external fixation devices used to in orthopaedic surgery to lengthen or reshape limb bones or to treat complex bone fractures, which would allow us to treat children in the country and limit the necessity for costly operations abroad. We also want to finance the purchase of a fleet of cars to be used by children's hospices nationwide. The money raised from 1% of tax donation would allow us to establish a completely new children's orthopaedic ward in Poland. It would mean that children, whose treatment was up till now possible only abroad, will undergo treatment in the country. 

So far, the funds we received from 1% charitable tax deduction enabled us to: 

  • purchase an MRI machine for Children's Memorial Hospital in Warsaw 
  • purchase 220 AEDs for public institutions 
  • run CPR for Schools Programme
  • support Programme for Personal Insulin Pump Treatment for Children with Diabetes
  • purchase palliative care equipment and cars for all hospices in Poland
  • purchase additional equipment for the Nationwide Programme for Early Cancer Diagnosis in Children
  • purchase state-of-the-art equipment to save children's life and heatlh
2017-12-15 16:23:15

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