Our COVID-19 Relief Fund Raised
26 195 451 PLN
Online Collection

How to run an online collection

This method of raising funds is tailored for companies running their own web portals or websites, which would like to participate in our charitable efforts by establishing an online Collection Box - a charitable collection held on their online 'premises'. 

Read Rules and Regulations for Online Collection Boxes


You can choose from different online fundraising options: 

  • crowdfunding 
  • online payment gateways
  • international money transfers 
  • cryptocurrency exchange 
  • group purchases 
  • mobile app fundraiser 


What to remember when holding your online fundraiser? 


  • Each money collection should be marked clearly as being held in aid of the Grand Finale fundraiser. Each collection should be held by officially registered Collection Centre. You can't state that the collection is held by the Foundation. 
  • Please make sure to let the donors know about the results - tell them how much you have raised together! 
  • You should e-mail [email protected] to confirm all PR materials, marketing ideas and artwork usage. 
  • Whenever possible, you should make sure that the payment processor handles the donations without any commision. 
  • Promoting and advertising the fundraiser is the Collection Centre's responsibility, but your initiative will be featured on our website and in other promotional materials produced by the Foundation. 


If you have an option to process online payments with PayU - online payments partner of the Foundation - let the team at [email protected] know about it. As a partner of the entire Grand Finale fundraiser, PayU does not charge any commission for processing donations. It means that the entirety of the sum raised online goes towards the purchase of medical equipment.  


How to go about establishing an online collection? 


1. Choose your Chief of Collection Centre - it doesn't have to be the owner or head of the company, but a trustworthy person authorised to make 

2. Make sure to read the relevant Rules and Regulations and get familiar with the Notice, 

3. The Chief should register with the Chief of Collection Centre Database, and accept the Rules and Regulations. The Chief of the Collection Centre should fill in the application form. 

4. The Chief of the Collection Centre prints out the application form, which should be sent to the office of the Foundation. 

5. The application form needs to be signed by the Chief of the Collection Centre and should be stamped. 

6. The application form, bearing an original signature and stamps, should be sent or personally delivered to the Foundation's office by the 19th of November 2018 (Dominikańska 19c, 02-738 Warszawa). 

We must receive the original document from you! We won't accept any sort of copy, facsimile or an application form sent to us by fax. If you fail to deliver the original documents we will have to reject your application.




2020-07-07 10:43:23

PLN 50 000 000 for COVID-19 Relief in Poland

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has oficially summed up its activities and support of Polish healthcare which aimed to address coronavirus pandemic in Poland. Our charity has donated medical equipment for PLN 48 000 000.

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