The Most Generous Benefactors

The Most Generous Benefactors

Sometimes our donors decide to donate pieces of jewellery such as engagement rings or gold wedding bands. All these precious items have significant sentimental value, and we hold them dear. These gold items are carefully melted by the National Mint of Poland to create priceless gold pins, which are then auctioned off by the Collection Centres locally and at the studio on the day of the Grand Finale. Play telecom company supplies us with gold-plated SIM cards as well. 




Millions of viewers tune in to watch the broadcast on TV and online. The entire sum fetched by the Gold Hearts and Golden Cards goes towards the aim of the Grand Finale. These valuable lots can bring hundreds of thousands of PLN and are precious collection items. 







The Awards in the Most Generous Benefactors Auctions are Gold Hearts (made of the gold items donated during the previous Grand Finale) and Golden PLAY Cards. Both have become a symbol and stand for the most prestigious awards for social engagement and responsibility in the history of the GOCC Foundation. 


How it works?

Come December, we launch a dedicated website, where anyone willing to take part in the auction for the Most Generous Benefactors may sign in and offer their donation. Moreover, on the day of the Grand Finale, we will launch a special phone line to call a GOCC consultant for those who want to bid via phone. On the day of the Grand Finale in January, the bidding will be broadcast live online and on TV. 

The bidding is held in Polish only


The Most Generous Benefactors project is open to everyone – natural persons, legal persons (registered according to the National Court Register), and companies (represented by the owner or an attorney). 


The bidding is held in Polish. 



There is an additional PayU and PayPal verification process for those bidding above PLN 15,000 (gold pins) and PLN 8,000 (golden SIM cards). 


Final bid

The bidders should declare the sum of money they are willing to donate. Participants, who rank on the top of the list, will be invited to take part in the final part of the auction. The bidding will enter the most exciting phase on live TV.

Winners receive an email informing about the payment obligation. The Foundation presents the Awards to the Bidder after the payment is completed.



If you wish to take part in the bidding, please study the Rules and Regulations carefully (available in Polish only). You must accept the Rules and Regulations in order to participate in the auction. 

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at: [email protected] or call +488 22 852 32 14 or +48 852 32 15.

Thank you!

We want to thank everyone for their generous support: