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Grand Finale

An orange crowd of runners hit the streets of Warsaw

2024-01-28 12:00:00

An orange summer blaze in January.

An amazing atmosphere accompanies runners throughout the entire race route. People run in family teams, with friends, with colleagues from work, and accompanied by their pets. Some march along the race route with Nordic Walking poles, others walk, and others run as fast as it's possible. Nobody measures the time or creates rankings because that's not the most important thing in this race. What makes this event truly unique is its charitable nature. The Foundation transfers all payments from the starting packages to the Personal Insulin Pump Treatment Program for Pregnant Women with Diabetes. A year ago, the GOCC was able to buy 76 insulin pumps, will we manage to beat last year's result this year?

On stage, Jurek Owsiak mentioned the results of the Programme so far: "We are running for the 18th time to help pregnant women who have type 1 diabetes. We do everything we can to ensure that they receive the most modern insulin pump in the world. We ensure that this pump is available to women when they are planning a pregnancy, are pregnant, and throughout motherhood. What is extremely important is the fact that the pump regulates the sugar level in your body 24/7. So far, we have spent PLN 47.5 million on the programme”.

One thing is certain – by running together, we create a community ready to face health challenges together.

Jurek Owsiak opening the "Get Even with Diabetes" Run. Photo by Basia Krasuska

We're all in tune!

The stationary Warsaw run is always fully professionally organized by the team of Foundation's professionals. Before the start, participants receive GOCC starting packages and healthy fruit purees from Dawtona. After finishing the race, each runner, regardless of the results, is rewarded with thunderous applause and a commemorative medal with the slogan "We're all in tune!"

Additionally, Dawtona has prepared a limited edition of tomato juices in special packaging designed by Jurek Owsiak. The company also got involved in education about healthy eating by organizing the 3rd edition of an online quiz with attractive prizes. Taking part in this race is not only a physical activity but also an opportunity to show solidarity with those who need our support. This year's sports event was held under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Sport and Tourism, Mr. Sławomir Nitras.

The crowd of runners. Photo by Maks Malota

We run all over the world – stationary and virtually!

Identical runs are also held in other Polish cities. Each runner who registers locally to take part in the race also supports the activities of the GOCC. Runners cover routes in large cities, e.g. Szczecin, Poznań, Sosnowiec, Toruń and in small towns, such as Góra Kalwaria, Łagów, Pniewy and Świebodzice.

At the start of the race, Jurek Owsiak also thanked almost six thousand virtual runners who run with the Foundation from various corners of the world: "I want to thank everyone who joined this run, not only from Poland. People running with us come from Angola, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Iceland, Morocco, etc. This shows that we do extraordinary things all around the world”. 

If you didn't manage to take part in any of the intramural runs, you can still register and run virtually anywhere in the world - (link to register).


Run with the GOCC!

Remember that everyone can "Get Even with Diabetes" and run in our fantastic race, regardless of age, location or physical condition.

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