Grand Finale

Breaking the record of our hearts

2024-01-29 16:30:00

 The emotions after the 32nd Grand Finale are slowly going down. Jurek Owsiak summarized the latest edition of the Summer Blaze in January during a press conference held at the GOCC Foundation, as is tradition.


The declared amount of the fundraiser

The 32nd Grand Finale ended with a declared amount of PLN 175,426,813. The sum of PLN 29,673,016 is already in our account. The final result of this year’s fundraiser will be announced on 27 March.


Press conference after the 32nd Grand Finale, photo: Grzegorz Adamek


You may still support the objective of the Grand Finale:

  • eCollection Boxes will be open till the end of the day today.
  • You may donate via,,, online platforms till the end of the day today
  • You can purchase one of the 10 variants of NFT hearts till 4 February.
  • You can bid in our charity auctions on the Allegro platform till 9 February.
  • You can send a text message “SERCE” to 75 565 (cost: PLN 5 net, PLN 6.15 with VAT) till 14 February.
  • You can donate online through our website till the end of February.


Safe and sound during the Grand Finale

It was yet another event of ours, where everyone felt safe. It is not just our opinion. The statistics do not lie.


"It was very peaceful. It was very safe in all the places where the collections were organised and they were run very happily. Many thanks to the professional services for their help and care. We went back to what it was like many years ago.”

- said Jurek Owsiak, the chairman of the board of the GOCC Foundation


Safe and global - for everyone and with everyone

This year, 1,685 Collection Centres “played” with us - including as many as 100 Collection Centres located outside Poland. The Collection Centres organized a total of 1,854 beautiful, colourful, joyful events. We are sure that volunteers all over the globe had a great time!


We were in 23 countries, which means we reached almost the end of the world and one step further. Our diverse team is above all you, our volunteers! There were both young and old among the 120,000 committed orchestra enthusiasts. The youngest volunteer this year was Zoila Mbarga, who was only 44 days old on the day of the 32nd Grand Finale. And the oldest volunteer - Anna Kusiak - was 97 years old!



Main hub in Warsaw

In the heart of Warsaw, the temperature was really high on this winter day! The central location for all our activities in Warsaw was the PGE Narodowy meadow. All enthusiasts of our Orchestra were welcome to join us there, and visit our studio and concert stage, as well as our partners' camp.  


PGE Narodowy meadows were also the starting point for the "Get Even with Diabetes" Run. 5,000 people took part in the 18th edition of the event. A wave of orange T-shirts swept through the streets of the capital city, covering a 5-kilometer distance to support the "Get Even with Diabetes" program for pregnant women with type 1 diabetes. You also joined us virtually, and in this version, there were as many as 5,952 participants!


At 2 PM, we started our music program on the concert stage! Our line-up once again proved to be a hit. Artists from UK, Ukraine and Sweden joined our jolly celebrations on the day of the Grand Finale and graced the stage to warm up all our enthusiasts.


Our partners once again went above and beyond preparing amazing activities for all the participiants! mBank, Lavazza, Siemashop, Znany Lekarz, CPR for Schools Tent, Lovela, Viessmann, Lipton, TVN, Mint of Poland, Najsłodsi, Flixbus, Trefl, Atende, Kemon, Manufaktura Cukierków, Zmalujemy, and Blikle were welcoming all the guests at their stands. The DKMS Foundation joined us in the studio and got 88 new potential bone marrow donors registered during one day!


A unique Light to the Sky

This year's Light to the Sky was truly exceptional. Piotr "Dziki" Chancewicz, Kwiat Jabłoni and the invited guests prepared a spectacular show full of light, music and fire. We made sure that you will remember it forever.


Auction of the Most Generous Benefactors

This year's Most Generous Benefactors were truly generous! In total, we raised PLN 7,907,436 from this auction. This is half a million more than last year, for which we thank you immensely!


Remember, it is the staff, volunteers, journalists, and media who made this Grand Finale possible. That is why we thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts!

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