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Grand Finale

Blenders for the 31st Grand Finale in Warsaw

2022-12-05 20:35:00

It sounds like fun! Jurek Owsiak in his weekly radio programme on Antyradio announced that Blenders will show up to play their concert during the 31st Grand Finale!



This is the class of ’91. Two months after setting up the band, the musicians had their debut during one of the cult cultural Events – on the stage of the Yach Film festival.


Blenders mix the genres of funk, rock, rap core and disco music. That explosive blend is dressed up in cheeky lyrics, making for a perfect music to lift your spirits and spread good vibes!


Blenders gave their concert several times at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. They played during the 5th Przystanek Woodstock [Eng. “Woodstock Festival Poland”], in 2009 at the 15th Przystanek Woodstock and lately at the 28th Pol’and’Rock Festival!



Members of the band are:

  • Sławomir Urbański – bass guitar
  • Mariusz Noskowiak – percussion
  • Szymon Kobyliński – vocal, guitar
  • Marcel Adamowicz – vocal
  • Glenn Meyer – vocal
  • Tomasz Urbański – guitar


The 31st Grand Finale concerts in Warsaw will be held on 29 January 2023 at Plac Bankowy!

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