During the 32nd Grand Finale we raised:
281879118,07 PLN

Today we celebrate the Ophthalmology Day

2023-05-09 12:20:34

On 9 May in Poland, we celebrate the Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmology Day – a very special date for the GOCC Foundation. Since 2001 we have run the Prevention of Retinopathy of Prematurity Programme which aims at providing immediate help to the little heroes in need. Supporting the ophthalmology was also our main objective during the 30th Grand Finale fundraiser in 2022.


The GOCC Foundation is on a mission to save premies’ sight. Our first move was the purchase of seven diode lasers which were later installed in ophthalmology clinics across the country – in Katowice, Łódź, Białystok, Poznań, Szczecin, and Wrocław.




Thanks to our engagement and dedication to the cause over the years, we have managed to equip 21 highly-specialized medical facilities in Poland. The choice of the clinics was preceded by a thourough consideration. Our main objective was to ensure the possibly widest access to a specialised eye care for children born prematurely. Each of the facilities received modern, high-tech devices for retinopathy diagnosis and treatment. We have donated 225 devices to the ophthalmology clinics.


The measure of our programme’s success is the number of little patients who underwent eyesight tests. As many as 273,313 premies have been screened and 11,473 children have their sight saved thanks to our testing. All together we have pledged PLN 17,481,803.19 to support eye medicine for children in Poland.

(data for January 2023)


 Jurek Owsiak during the 63rd Open Tender, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski


During the 30th Grand Finale held under the slogan „See the light”, we raised a sum of PLN 224,376,706.35. It was almost PLN 13.5 million more compared to our annual fundraiser in 2021. During the jubilee fundraiser, volunteers from all over the world were collecting money to support the highest standards of children’s eye treatment and diagnosis in the country. It was the first Grand Finale focused on the most important human sense. Thank you!


63rd Open Tender

Thanks to our community’s generosity during the 30th Grand Finale we could have organized the 63rd Open Tender for children’s eye care. During the November Open Tender, we purchased 479 devices worth of PLN 65,416,440:

  • 2 operating microscopes
  • 4 microscopes with OCT
  • 2 microscopes with OCT and 3D
  • 2 microscopes with OCT and 3D
  • 10 operating tables with operator's chair
  • 75 indirect ophthalmoscopes with lens without visual track
  • 9 indirect ophthalmoscopes with lens with visual track
  • 38 slit-lamp with tonometer and lens without visual track
  • 11 slit-lamp with tonometer and lens with visual track
  • 68 hand-held slit-lamps
  • 50 synoptophors
  • 9 micropulse lasers for cyclophotocoagulation
  • 7 micropulse lasers for retinal photocoagulation
  • 11 diode lasers for photocoagulation of the retina
  • 39 hand-held ERG units
  • 7 classic OCT angio devices
  • 11 full-field ERG units
  • 9 computer-assisted perimetry
  • 12 wide-angle funduscameras
  • 39 stationary autorefractors
  • 10 portable ultrasound scanners
  • 9 ultrasound scanners with UBM
  • 27 phoropter units
  • 5 ophthalmic surgery units
  • 13 angio OCT with angiography and fluorescein function with recumbent examination arm


The equipment was delivered to 83 different facilities in Poland!

 Eye surgery on a newborn baby carried out with equipment purchased by the GOCC Foundation, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski

65th Open Tender

This year’s first Open Tender was held on 4 April and was another chance to purchase equipment for children’s eye medicine. The Open Tender focused on 4 types of equipment: a device for biplane angiocardiography, synoptophores, and the equipment for the Simulation Centre for Ophthalmology which will be established at the Children's Memorial Health Institute to help the doctors hone their skills.

After a few hour-long negotiations, the GOCC Foundation purchased 120 devices for 75 facilities in 56 cities in the whole country:


  • Device for biplane angiocardiography (1 pc) - SIEMENS
  • Handheld autorefractor (68 pcs) - POLYMED
  • Synoptophore (50 pcs) - Medical Partner
  • Equipment for the Simulation Centre for Ophthalmology (1 pc) - ABJ-VISION


Devices worth PLN 17,58,238.40 were purchased from the funds raised during the 30th Grand Finale.


Thank you for the continuous support for our GOCC Foundation – not only during our Grand Finale fundraiser, but also in our day-to-day work and running medical programmes throughout the year. It is thanks to your engagement that we have managed to raise nearly PLN 2 billion within the last 31 years of our activity and purchase over 70,400 devices. 

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