Bielany is all in tune!

2024-03-28 15:20:00

Almost 350m2 of the GOCC mural adorns the Bielany district! Designed by Jerzy Owsiak, the street wall art decorates the building at Marymoncka 155 in Warsaw.


The ceremony to officially reveal the mural took place on 28th March, a day after the announcement of the 32nd Grand Finale’s final result.


The GOCC mural opening ceremony in Bielany, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski


GOCC enthusiasts gathered in Bielany, Warsaw, to celebrate the new ornament in their district. Volunteers, members of the Collection Centres, local entrepreneurs, representatives of the Bielany Youth Council, and other district units attended, as well as Priest Wojciech Drozdowicz (co-founder of the "Akogo?" Foundation), and local authorities including Grzegorz Pietruczuk, Mayor of Bielany District, and, of course, Jurek Owsiak himself took part in the event.


Jurek Owsiak officially "opens" the mural in Bielany, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski 



The mural, designed by the chairman of the GOCC Foundation, adorns the wall of a building at Marymoncka 155 and covers an area of almost 350 square metres (it is 25.5 meters high and 13.6 meters wide). The art is intended to symbolise the spirit of social activism fostered by the local community. Bielany has been strongly involved in the organisation of the GOCC Grand Finale for years. Just last year, as many as 913 people were involved in raising funds and organising different activities during the Grand Finale. Thanks to the commitment and nearly 300 charity auctions listed by Collection Centres in Bielany, we were able to add a substantial amount of PLN 581,377.7 to the final result of our fundraiser aimed at supporting respiratory units in the country!


Kids from the elementary schools in Bielany, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski


Six Collection Centres were involved in the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser:

  • Collection Centre no. 6375 at Stowarzyszenie Razem dla Bielan (Chief of the Collection Centre: Patryk Utowka)
  • Collection Centre no. 6705 at Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 77 im. Wandy Chotomskiej (Chief of the Collection Centre: Izabela Michalska)
  • Collection Centre no. 5634 at Szkola Podstawowej nr 289 im. H. Sienkiewicza (Chief of the Collection Centre: Justyna Grdeń-Kołsut)
  • Collection Centre no. 2689 at XCIV LO im. gen. Stanisława Maczka (Chief of the Collection Centre: Katarzyna Szczudlińska)
  • Collection Centre no. 6495 at Przedszkole 308 Krasnala Hałabały (Chief of the Collection Centre: Małgorzata Górecka)
  • Collection Centre no. 688 at Przedszkole nr 301 "Zaczarowany Świat" (Chief of the Collection Centre: Katarzyna Łozowska)


The GOCC mural designed by Jerzy Owsiak, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski


The district of Bielany also actively participates in our CPR for Schools programme. Seventeen elementary schools took part in the training. Since the GOCC Foundation’s Instructors organized the training sessions for 62 teachers, kids from 132 classes completed the CPR course! Schools have received free educational materials, including CPR manikins, teacher and student guides, and information boards. It is the 5th GOCC mural (the first ones were revealed in The Hague, Łódź, Słubice, and Zielonki-Parcela) and the 69th place named after the GOCC on the map of Poland and the world.

 The GOCC mural decorates the building at Marymoncka 155 in Warsaw, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski


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