Grand Finale

We know the final result of the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser!

2024-03-27 12:50:00


It's high time we learned the final result of this year's collection - our Summer Blaze in January! Jurek Owsiak has just announced the final total of the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser. Thanks to our volunteers, wonderful teams at Collection Centres, and donors the 32nd Grand Finale final result reaches PLN 281,879,118.07! It is PLN 106,452,305 more than the declared amount and 38,619,730.80 more than the final result of the 31st Grand Finale last year!



Today’s press conference organized to summarize the 32nd Grand Finale took place at the PGE Narodowy. On 28 January we met at the PGE Narodowy meadows, where the Grand Finale camp and our TV studio were located.


Announcement of the final result of the 32nd Grand Finale, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski



Today’s press conference was graced by the presence of Rafał Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw, who has actively supported the GOCC’s mission for years. Sławomir Nitras, the Minister of Sport and Tourism, who decided to take the 18th “Get Even with Diabetes” Run under the Ministry's patronage also joined the event. Furthermore, the Minister has decided to support the organization of sporting activities during the 30th Pol’and’Rock Festival.  Last but not least, we welcomed to the stage Katarzyna Lubnauer, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Education who supported the idea of implementing our CPR for Schools Programme at elementary schools across the country. 


The press conference ended with a musical surprise by the project “Orkiestra Dorosłe Dzieci”. Jurek Owsiak announced that the band joins the line-up of the 30th Most Beautiful Festival in the World.


How much did the GOCC Foundation raised during the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser?


After the consolidation of all the activities carried out by the GOCC Foundation and the GOCC Collection Centres during the 32nd Grand Finale, Jurek Owsiak announced the final result of the collection - PLN  281,879,118.07! The whole amount is a sum of:

  • donations paid to the Collection Boxes - PLN 157,389,843.20 (55.84.% of the total)
  • online donations - PLN 123,569,803.10 (43.84% of the total)
  • donations in-kind - PLN 919,471.77 (0.33% of the total).



eCollection Boxes - online Collection Boxes powered by Mastercard, once again turned out to be the most popular form of support for the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser’s aim. Volunteers have set up 26,773 eCollection Boxes. As many as 311,272 donors contributed to the online collection. This translates into a total of PLN 21,695,947 raised thanks to this form of support! Charity auctions held at the Allegro platform are yet another form of support enjoying an unwavering popularity. All 278,241 auctions raised a total of PLN 36,452,340.98 for the fund! At the Most Generous Benefactors Auction, bidders competed to win Gold Heart pins and Golden SIM cards. This auction added 7.9 million PLN to the pool! It is half a million more than a year ago!


Thanks to the amazing support of our volunteers and local Collection Centres we managed to raise PLN 188,399,346.80. This amount covers the collections consolidated by the Collection Centres, online transfers, contactless payments (PLN 57,389,843.20), Collection Centres’ charity auctions, and our GOCC Foundation’s team’s contributions (PLN 18,783,291.60) and eCollection Boxes run by Collection Centres, companies, and volunteers (PLN 12,226,285). The volunteers engaged in the collection manager to raise as much as PLN 112,869,443 which means one volunteer could raise as much as PLN 1,054 on average.


It is worth mentioning that anyone can engage in our initiative. Traditionally, the detainees in prisons decided to support the goal of the 32nd Grand Finale by putting their artworks up for charity auctions and donating money to a special bank account set up by the GOCC Foundation, the Ministry of Justice, and the Prison Service. They contributed a total of PLN 63,485.30 to the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser!


The 32nd Grand Finale


The 32nd Grand Finale was organized on 28 January 2024 under the theme: “Post-pandemic lungs. We play for kids and adults alike!” and was dedicated to raising funds to purchase equipment for diagnosing, monitoring, and rehabilitating pulmonary diseases in both children and adults. The motto for this year's event was: We're all in tune! In the 32nd Grand Finale, 1,685 Collection Centres, including 100 located outside Poland, participated, "playing" with the Orchestra in 23 different countries around the world! As many as 120,000 volunteers participated in the fundraiser collecting funds to our colourful cardboard Collection Boxes.


The Summer Blaze event in January also became an opportunity to organize the annual "Get Even with Diabetes" Run by the GOCC Foundation. During its 18th edition this year, 5,000 people ran through the streets of Warsaw wearing distinctive orange T-shirts. Apart from the run in Warsaw, volunteers could also register for a virtual run. The main idea was that anyone could join online and complete the 5 km distance at any time and location between January 22nd and 28th, 2024 to then share the results in a dedicated mobile app with other participants. Those registered for the virtual run covered a distance of 32,080 km!


The 18th "Get Even with Diabetes" Run, photo: Radosław Raszka


The central location for all our activities in Warsaw was the PGE Narodowy meadow. All enthusiasts of our Orchestra were welcome to join us there and visit our studio and concert stage, as well as our partners' camp. 


The declared amount and the final amount


The ultimate result often differs from the initial declaration due to continued online support until the end of February and the consolidation of local fundraisers organized by our Collection Centres. The declared result of the 32nd Grand Finale announced at the end of the day of the fundraiser, amounted to PLN 175,426,813.00! The final result turned out to be PLN 106,452,305 higher!


TV Studio during the 32nd Grand Finale, photo: Marcin Michoń


Why did we “play” for the “post-pandemic lungs”?


The GOCC Foundation decided on the aim of the upcoming fundraiser after consulting the current medical challenges in the country with the Polish Society of Paediatric Pulmonology. Experts drew attention to the very serious post-pandemic health issues among children and adults. Additionally, the air quality in Poland is worsening, which is causing an increase in the number of people affected by lung diseases. The Foundation would also like to offer its support to the 1,800 patients with cystic fibrosis living in Poland.


The 32nd Grand Finale of the GOCC will be dedicated to the purchase of equipment for diagnosis, monitoring, and rehabilitation of pulmonary diseases among kids and adults. Altogether, there are 64 respiratory units across Poland.


1,5% tax for the GOCC Foundation

Do you pay taxes in Poland? If so, remember that there is still time to donate 1.5% of your income tax to help our cause. The funds raised this way will help us keep and develop the highest standards of medical treatment for children. All you have to do is put our charity registration number KRS 0000030897 on your tax form. Your contribution will allow us to keep working on our national medical programs and pursue the statutory aims of our Foundation!

Educational program “CPR for Schools”

By April 2024, our educational program “CPR for Schools” will have been running for 18 years! Our efforts have allowed over 3 million schoolchildren from grades 1 to 3 to learn the basics of CPR. As of today, the program has reached nearly 13 thousand public schools and 30 thousand teachers. This translates to about 90% of all elementary schools in Poland.
Thanks to the support offered by the Minister of Education Barbara Nowacka, the beginning of next year will see the official incorporation of a CPR course into the curriculum of elementary education! Over 1500 elementary schools expressed their interest in organizing these classes with the help of our Foundation, which means that our involvement in the project will now only increase. The first CPR class in the new series was held in Wołomin near Warsaw and allowed us to pass the invaluable knowledge of CPR to 30 teachers from 15 local elementary schools. More classes to follow!


The 30th Edition of Pol'and'Rock Festival

When summarizing the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser, Jerzy Owsiak revealed a bit about the state of preparations for the 30th edition of Pol’and’Rock Festival.

The World’s Most Beautiful audience will once again meet up at the old airport in Czaplinek-Broczyno on August 1st – 3rd 2024 to foster the values of freedom, brotherhood and rock’nroll (but not just these ones!). The anniversary edition of Pol’and’Rock Festival will feature an array of great bands, including CelkiltElectric CallboyMotionless in WhiteKasia KowalskaThe WarningLess Than JakeMyrathClawfingerSick Of It AllFlapjackT.LoveFlogging Molly, and Guano Apes. Artists from all over the world are kindly invited to take part in Emerging Bands Competition. The lucky winners will be given the opportunity of joining the line-up of the World’s Most Beautiful Festival and presenting their music to a broad audience. In this year’s edition of the competition, we have already received 740 applications, including 640 ones from Polish and 100 from international artists – from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, the UK, Ukraine, the US, Czechia, Ireland, France, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Sudan, Morocco, North Macedonia and Brazil.

Over the years, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation has raised the equivalent of 500 million US-dollars to support Polish healthcare and purchased over 71.5 thousand medical devices.



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