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Grand Finale

That’s how we’re building the GOCC studio!

2024-01-20 15:21:00


As you already know, we play with everyone and for everyone. What is more, in Warsaw we play in a totally new location! For the first time ever the heart of the Great Orchestra will be beating at the PGE Narodowy meadows. This is where – from January 9th – the TV studio and the stage are being built. On the day of the 32nd GOCC Grand Finale we will be broadcasting on the TV and Internet from the studio. At the PGE Narodowy meadows there will also be a stage where several performers will have their concerts. It’s also the place where the 18th Get Even with Diabetes Run will start and end, and the Light to the Sky will shine. The PGE Narodowy meadows are also the 32nd GOCC Grand Finale’s partners’ zone – you can find there a lot of attractions available from January 27 already. 


For the first time the GOCC Grand Finale is at the PGE Narodowy meadows, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski


We’re all in tune! 

After all those years we spent at the Palace of Culture and Science, Bankowy and Teatralny Squares, and on Polish Television, we will play in a new location – PGE Narodowy meadows. It’s a place where you can comfortably reach by public transport. And we can accumulate all the attractions side by side. Construction of the studio and stage of the 32nd Grand Finale started almost a fortnight ago.

A large 3,200 square meters TV studio tent is already up in the meadows. From the tent, we will be broadcasting on the Internet and TV. And there also have been planned various attractions, including the DKMS charity stand where blood stem cell donors can register. 


Stage of the 32nd GOCC Grand Finale, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski


In the neighbourhood of the studio, there is more than 56 meters wide stage. Here the concerts begin on 28 January at 2 p.m. Ahead of us are as many as 16 musical performances, for example, LemON, Krzysztof Zalewski and Kwiat Jabłoni will play for us. What is more, the unique Light to the Sky – an event full of extraordinary sounds will take place there. 


Check out the 32 Grand Finale line up!


All elements of the stage and tent (including almost 2,000 light spots and more than 1,260 square meters of diodes), as well as containers for the staff and other infrastructure elements, were delivered in more than 100 cars! 


Construction of the 32nd GOCC Grand Finale studio, photo: Łukasz Widziszowski



Join us! 

We invite you to the PGE Narodowy meadows on January 27! On Saturday and Sunday, there will be the Grand Finale partners’ attractions waiting for you (on Saturday between 10 am and 8 pm, on Sunday between 10 am and 10 pm). Our GOCC studio is available for everyone who wants to join us on January 28 from 8 am till midnight. 


And we invite all of you who can’t be in Warsaw in front of your screens – our broadcast will be available, among others, on the GOCC YouTube and Facebook

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