During the 31st Grand Finale we raised:
243 259 387,25 PLN
Grand Finale

Żurkowski join us at Plac Bankowy during the 31st GOCC Grand Finale

2022-12-05 21:30:00

The new star of the Grand Finale concert revealed! During his radio programme on Antyradio – “Zaraz Będzie Ciemno” [En. “It’s about to get dark”], Jurek Owsiak announced that Żurkowski will join the line-up of the Grand Finale music show.


Żurkowski is a band established in 2016 by Łukasz Żurkowski – a signer, guitar player, songwriter, and a composer. It musically hovers over alt-rock with some strong electronic feeling.



The debut record “Włóczęga” [Eng. “Vagabond”] was released on November 30, 2019, by Mystic Production. The producer, Paweł Cieślak, is famous for his cooperation with COMA, Little White Lies, Ralph Kamiński and ZABROCKI.

Żurkowski’s  singel “Zmiennicy” [Eng. “Alternates”] ranks high among the first 10 songs on the Antyradio's Turbo Top chart.



Żurkowski gave a concert on the Second Stage of the 28th Pol’and’Rock Festival.



Members of the band:

  • Łukasz Żurkowski
  • Łukasz Ławrynowicz
  • Patryk Król
  • Michał Zieliński


The 31st Grand Finale concerts in Warsaw will be held on 29 January 2023 at Plac Bankowy!


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