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Case Study: GOCC in a scientific publication!

2024-05-24 15:20:00

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC) has been featured in Philip Kotler's book "Essentials of Modern Marketing - Poland Edition," showcasing the modern technologies used by the Foundation. This significant inclusion highlights the innovative methods employed by the GOCC in the realm of volunteering and fundraising.


Two Editions, One Prestigious Platform


In 2023, the English edition of "Essentials of Modern Marketing - Poland Edition" was published, followed by the launch of the Polish language version during an official gala on 22 May this year. This publication is part of a series where the principles of marketing are illustrated with examples and case studies relevant to local markets around the world.


Philip Kotler, a professor of international marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA, is widely regarded as the father of modern marketing. His books on the fundamentals of marketing are used by students globally. Kotler is also the founder of Kotler Impact, an organisation dedicated to bringing together marketers with a mission to promote sustainability. Since 2022, Kotler Impact has been publishing "Essentials of Modern Marketing," focusing on local market successes from various countries.


GOCC: Revolutionising Volunteering


The 2023 edition of "Essentials of Modern Marketing - Poland Edition" is the first marketing book dedicated to showcasing market success stories in Poland. The book's premiere took place on 16 May 2023 in Warsaw, during a gala event at the Westin Hotel.


The 31st Grand Finale TV studio, photo: Grzegorz Adamek


The GOCC Foundation was honoured to participate in this unique project. Our case study within the book illustrates how the dimension of volunteering has evolved. We had the opportunity to share with an international audience how, over the years, the Foundation has developed and enhanced online tools to meet the expectations of volunteers and donors. As a leading NGO in Poland, these advancements have been crucial in enabling active participation in the organisation of the Grand Finales.


eSkarbonka and the Role of Technology


The development of these tools was significantly bolstered by our partnership with Mastercard. A prime example is eSkarbonka, a digital collection box that has greatly contributed to the success of our fundraising efforts. The integration of such technology has allowed the Foundation to expand its reach and efficiency in engaging volunteers and donors alike.


Continued Collaboration and Future Projects


Following the success of the 2023 edition, the GOCC Foundation was invited to co-author the first edition of "Essentials of Modern Marketing” in Polish. This edition was launched on 22 May this year during the Infoshare conference in Gdansk. The panel discussion at the event was graced by the presence of Bartosz Woźnicki (Clovin Group), Katarzyna Ostojska (Raben Logistics), and Dr Jacek Kotarbiński, highlighting the ongoing relevance and impact of the book.


How to Access the Book


Both the English and Polish editions of "Essentials of Modern Marketing – Poland Edition" can be purchased on Amazon. We warmly encourage you to read this insightful book and discover how the GOCC Foundation's innovative approaches have set new standards in volunteering and charitable activities.



We extend our heartfelt thanks to Kotler Impact for the opportunity to participate in this exceptional project.


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