During the 32nd Grand Finale we raised:
281879118,07 PLN
Grand Finale

6th International Collection Centres meet-up!

2024-05-28 13:02:43

From 23rd to 26th May, in the sunny town of Lloret de Mar, Spain, the 6th International Collection Centres Get-Together took place. This special event brought together nearly 100 representatives from 34 Collection Centres across 13 countries, all united by their dedication to organising the GOCC Grand Finales outside of Poland.


During the 32nd Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, 100 Collection Centres around the world participated. Volunteers in 23 countries collectively raised PLN 7,649,007.09!


The 6th International Collection Centres meeting, photo: Chodor


Sharing Stories and Inspiration


The gathering wasn't just a chance to review the past Grand Finale; it was a platform for sharing experiences and drawing inspiration. Representatives from 34 Collection Centres, spanning 13 countries on three continents, shared their stories, successes, and challenges in organising the GOCC Grand Finale within their communities. Thanks to their efforts, the spirit and mission of the GOCC reach the furthest corners of the globe – from tropical jungles to polar regions, from Thai islands to bustling cities.

This year's meeting included participants from:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • France
  • Spain
  • The Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany
  • The United States
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • The United Kingdom


The 6th International Collection Centres meeting, photo: Maciej Gawliński



Workshops and Training


The Grand Finale is a period of intense work for the International Collection Centres. At this year’s get-together, Jurek Owsiak, the founder of the GOCC, summarised the 32nd Grand Finale. Participants attended workshops and training sessions to improve their skills in organising the January fundraiser and promoting it in their communities.

Topics covered included:

  • Guidelines for operating a Collection Centre
  • Attracting sponsors
  • Organising online and offline charity auctions
  • Creating engaging social media content
  • Recruiting and energising new volunteers
  • Managing organisational tasks and effective delegation

Magdalena Jelonkiewicz-Bałdys, a psychologist and psychotherapist, led sessions on the art of teamwork.


Meeting Friends and Special Thanks


The day before the main event, we had the pleasure of meeting GOCC supporters in Madrid, including:

  • Anna Sroka - Polish Ambassador to Spain
  • Justyna Tokarska - Polish Consul in Madrid
  • Agata Witosławska - Director of the Polish Tourist Organisation in Madrid

Special thanks go to the Spanish Collection Centres – GOCC Collection Centre Madrid, GOCC Collection Centre Girona, and GOCC Collection Centre Barcelona – for their excellent organisation. We also extend our gratitude to the event coordinator, Marcin Paszko, who meticulously managed every detail.


The 6th International Collection Centres meeting, photo: Maciej Gawliński


The Power of the GOCC Heart


The 6th International Collection Centres Get-Together is a testament to the boundless reach of the GOCC's mission. The passion and dedication of the Collection Centres enable the Orchestra to play and spread positive energy worldwide.

We are already looking forward to the 7th International Collection Centres meeting, set to take place from 8th to 11th May 2025 in Paris. See you there!



About the 32nd Grand Finale


The 32nd Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was held on 28th January. The Orchestra played not just in Poland, but across the globe, with 1,685 Collection Centres participating, including 100 International Collection Centres in 23 countries.

On that Sunday, you could spot 120,000 volunteers with their distinctive colourful Collection Boxes and ID badges. This year’s Grand Finale focused on the theme "Post-pandemic lungs. We play for kids and adults alike!". The funds raised are earmarked for purchasing equipment to diagnose, monitor, and rehabilitate lung diseases in children’s and adults’ pulmonology wards.




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