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Grand Finale

Dziwna Wiosna will warm us up during the 31st Grand Finale

2022-12-05 22:10:00

Dirty riffs, positive energy and lively music – Dziwna Wiosna joins the line-up for the 31st Grand Finale of the GOCC Foundation in Warsaw.


Dziwna Wiosna – a trio from Warsaw who played at the 28th Pol’and’Rock Festival!



The band was established in 2020 and took their fans’ hearts by storm with their self-titled record released in 2021. Artists swiftly manoeuvres between the dirty variations of rock’n’roll, playing with grunge, hard rock and alternative. During the 28th Pol’and’Rock Festival, Dziwna Wiosna shook the Second Stage and brought the audience to their feet!


They like to say that they play what others may fear – songs with fuzz and delay. They claim they always play what they like. What a coincidence! The GOCC does too!



Members of the band:

  • Dawid Karpiuk
  • Wojtek Traczyk
  • Łukasz Moskal

The 31st Grand Finale concerts in Warsaw will be held on 29 January 2023 at Plac Bankowy!

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