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Grand Finale

Your Questions About our Fundraiser - Answered!

2021-01-24 19:40:51


There is plenty of online buzz about the fast upcoming Grand Finale 2021. Our objective is to raise money to buy sophisticated medical equipment for children's laryngology, otolaryngology, and head diagnostics. We want to overhaul the wards at public hospitals nationwide and replace medical devices we have previously donated, as they have been used extensively, suffering lots of wear and tear. What is more, we know how many advances have been made in diagnostics and treatment since we last raised money in aid of children's laryngology. It's high time to support doctors again! 

We see you creating lots of online chatter about our fundraiser, and it is so fun to follow your posts and pics on Facebook, watch your stories on Instagram and read through your messages on Twitter. We are very much present on all social media platforms, even dipping our toes in the fun and exciting TikTok videos. Please make sure to follow us on social media. When posting about your involvement in our activities - be it volunteering, supporting, donating or just cheering from the sidelines - use our #wosp2021 hashtag. 

Apart from all the excitement building up to the Grand Finale 2021, which will come as no surprise - will be a tad (or a lot) will differ from our yore fundraisers, you seem to have plenty of questions about our initiative. Sit tight, let your Google search rest, because we are here to answer all your questions! 


◉ How's Grand Finale going to look like? How can I donate? 

The main idea of the Grand Finale fundraiser remains unchanged. We are tapping into the creativity and desire to act from local activists, who organize events for their communities. Activists form Collection Centres, which coordinate fundraising, volunteers, and entertainment locally. This year we rolled out plenty more online options, and many Collection Centres have moved their events online as well. Alongside volunteers raising money in the streets and during socially-distant events, we have rolled out plenty of online fundraising options, which are safe, quick, and very easy to use so that you can donate and "play' with our charity from your home. 


◉ Concerts and fundraising events of Grand Finale 2021 

Music is the very essence of our fundraiser, and our charity is called "Orchestra" for that very same reason. Traditionally, there was a huge music bash in Warsaw, with live concerts in the city centre. Local Collection Centres followed our suit and invite music guests to entertain benefactors as well. This year we are holding a socially-distanced (Covid-19 unfriendly) event in Warsaw. We could not go without music, so artists' concerts will be broadcast live on the Internet and TV from our studio in Warsaw. As far as we know, many local Collection Centres decided to follow our lead and will provide online entertainment locally. 


◉ When is Grand Finale 2021? 

It's on January 31, 2020. We moved the date due to strict covid restrictions imposed by the government. We did not cancel the fundraiser, because we pledged to buy medical equipment for children's laryngological, otolaryngological, and head diagnostic wards.


◉ What is the Grand Finale?

Grand Finale is our annual fundraiser. We usually hold it on the second Sunday of January (which often happens to be the country's coldest month). We aim to raise funds, which go toward the purchase of medical equipment for public hospitals nationwide. Our main focus has always been children's medicine, and we choose the specific aim - or branch of medicine - very carefully. This year we want to buy sophisticated medical devices which will be used to diagnose, treat, and care for children with laryngological and otolaryngological issues and medical devices used in head diagnostics. To put it simply, we want to help with ear, nose, throat, and head illnesses. 


◉ What is the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity? 

We are the biggest charitable initiative in Poland. We have been raising money to support public healthcare in Poland for almost 30 years. We buy medical devices, and we also run and finance 8 medical initiatives. We want to transform Polish medical care and ensure that doctors and medical staff have access to top-quality devices, medical equipment, and that patients are well-equipped when it comes to furniture. We managed to raise well over one billion PLN and we bought over 65 thousand devices, which we then donated to public hospitals in Poland. 


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