Grand Finale

Grand Finale in your area!

2017-11-09 13:12:26

Time flies...when you are getting ready to hold the biggest public charitable collection in the country! If you would like to hold the 26th Grand Finale in your local area, you should read the guidelines below very carefully! 

First of all, make sure there are no Collection Centres that have already been established in your area. The collection is not about rivalry because we are all working for a common goal of supporting neonatological wards across the country. If you found a local Collection Centre on the list, we suggest you get in touch with them to come up with a form of partnership that would work for both of you. 

However, if there isn't a Collection Centre based in your local area, you can look into establishing one and running one of the following collection methods


1. Collection Centre

Collection Centre holds a public charitable collection and coordinates the events and volunteers working in aid of the charity. You have to follow all provisions of Rules & Regulations of Collection Centres and make sure to adhere to the procedures outlined in the appropriate documents, such as Volunteer Registration Procedure and regulations of relevant collections, like Rules & Regulations of Fund-Raising Events or Rules and Regulations of Stationary Collection Boxes Fundraisers. 


2. Stationary Collection Box Fundraiser held on business premises 

This method of collection is addressed to companies which run their business from premises located in different parts of the country. The collection is organised through the head office of the company and is held locally on the premises where the company operates. Collection Boxes are displayed alongside an appropriate notice containing information about the collection. Read Rules and Regulations for Stationary Box Collection Fundraiser. 


3. Fund-raising Event

This event is not by invitations or ticketed at all - the name suggests that it should take place in a venue and that the collection - contrary to the collection held by the Collection Centre, which should take place in the streets and other public areas, should be limited to the event's venue only. Donations are made voluntarily but can be seen as the price of admission to the event. Read Rules and Regulations of Fund-raising Events

Such an event - a concert, a dance, or maybe a workshop class - can take place between the days of December 15th, 2017 and January 14th, 2018


The registration to run any of these collection initiatives closes on November the 20th! 




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