At 29th Grand Finale we raised
210 813 830 PLN
Grand Finale

Find us on the Internet!

2017-01-14 15:30:04

If you want to stay up to date on 15th January please find us on the Internet and watch our live streams on YouTube. 

Where are we on social media? 

You can also download our Grand Finale App at

We love the photos you post from all the events and collection centres around the world! Please, please, please don't forget to tag them with #wosp2017  i #wspierajwosp - it will help us find them!

25th Grand Finale is also live on the internet. Whole of the Sunday fun from the studio can be followed on GOCC on YouTube, and a life stream of all the amazing gigs from in front of the Palace of Culture and Science is free for all to see  on YouTube as well! Enjoy!

You can find a schedule of our streams and TV appearences on TVN group channels  here.

You can also subscribe for the text and e-mail reminders about all the streams below.  

Sign up for reminders on all 25th Grand Finale live streams

Fundraising made fun


Text-messages courtesy of SerwerSMS.   

Join us on January the 15th!


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PLN 50 000 000 for COVID-19 Relief in Poland

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has oficially summed up its activities and support of Polish healthcare which aimed to address coronavirus pandemic in Poland. Our charity has donated medical equipment for PLN 48 000 000.

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Heads-up, it's Grand Finale!

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World Mental Health Day

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