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How to organize your run

How to organize your own charitable run?

Wondering how to hold your own edition of "Get Even with Diabetes"? 


1. Map out the course of the race 

The course of the charitable race should be agreed upon with the city officials, law enforcement offices, road authorities. Our advice is to plan the race in areas such as parks in order to make all arrangements much easier. 


2. Consider the costs of holding the race and look for sponsors

First of all, you should get in touch with local and municipal sports organizations and local government. You can also do some research and see if there are any local running groups active in your area. You can look for financial support and look for people who have experience in organizing races and other sporting events. 


3. Make sure you can hold the race and apply for permission to hold the race

We want to stress that organizing a race requires a lot of formalities - make sure that you have all permits and you have enough qualified staff members to secure the course of the race. Once all ts are crossed and is dotted, you can apply for permission to organize the race. 

Worth noting

  • deadline falls 30 days before the date of your race
  • you need to ask for the opinion of the police, the road authority, and public transport officials, security offices and other relevant municipal services (if you want to hold the race in the areas near the border of the country, you need to get in touch with border patrol service) 

Documents you need to hand in include: 

  • an application to hold the race 
  • payment confirmation (payment for using roadway for the race - provided you need to include public roads in your course) 
  • list of people responsible for the organization of the race (make sure to list their contact details!) 
  • health & safety plan of the event 
  • an obligation to restore the road to the state from before the race 
  • a detailed map of the course of the race 
  • legal data of the entity responsible for holding the race 

Make sure to list your race in our database so that we can send you some artwork and other promotional materials. We are unable to provide each race with promotional materials (such as T-shirts), but we will do whatever we can to help! We usually share our designs, which you can modify to fit your own purposes (sponsors, dates, location). 


4. Tips, tricks, ideas

  • You should ensure that you have enough help to secure the course of the race and that you have medical services on site as well. 
  • If you have enough funds/support from the sponsors, you should provide some souvenirs or awards to the participants (medals, commemorative t-shirts) 


5. Logistics 

Take some time to figure out how to best organize your race. Here are some tips from us: 

  • You need to establish a Race Office, where the participants can pick up their starter packs and fill in all important documents (health contraindications to taking part in the run, for example) 
  • participation fee must go towards the charitable objective of the race. It means that they should be paid into the Collection Box. 
  • route, distance, fee and all other specifics of the local edition are up to the organizer of the race
  • make sure to provide the participants with access to catering, sanitary facilites, and lockers

Have fun with it and remember - we meet to have fun together and help others! 

2020-01-16 16:13:51

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