Allegro & GOCC

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Allegro Charity Platform and GOCC are enjoying the trust of millions of Poles. Allegro is an auction site, and it has been supporting the charitable work of the Foundation for 19 years.

Together, we aim to prove that modern technologies are a perfect match for fundraising purposes. We can't imagine the Grand Finale fundraiser without the exciting bidding wars. 

Did you know that you can list your item, or service and manage your own auction in aid of the Grand Finale charitable collection? 

With thousands of unique lots, experience packs and services to be bought on the charitable auction platform, you can find something that catches your attention! 



Allegro at 26th Grand Finale - photo Marcin Michoń


Did you know that we have raised 53 000 000 PLN (over 123 000 000 EUR)? Charitable auctions are a staple of each Grand Finale and the overwhelming interest they enjoy help us promote our mission and collect funds in aid of Polish medicine. 

2018-12-11 16:23:34

Six PR statuettes for the GOCC!

We have been delighted to have our work and dedication recognized by PR professionals and our social media and marketing campaigns have been awarded the prestigious trade awards!

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