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How to apply
  • Is the programme just for primary schools?

    Yes, it is. The aim of our CPR for Schools Programme is to introduce primary school children (grades 1 - 3) to CPR and first aid, and that's why we provide free training courses to primary school children. 

  • Can more than 2 teachers from one school apply to take part in the training course?

    Unfortunately, the answer is no. As our aim is to reach as many schools as possible, we hold training courses for 15-20 schools in the area and invite up to 2 teachers from each school to take part in the course. This allows us to focus on good quality training in smaller groups. We are unable to come to your school to train teachers or to invite more teachers from one school to one of our meetings. 

  • Is the training course addressed only to primary school teachers?

    Yes, it is. The Programme aims to introduce first aid knowledge to primary school pupils and we believe that their teachers are best suited to convey the knowledge! They know their students, they have all the tools to make lessons interesting and engaging to this age group. 

  • We would like to become a part of Programme, but we are not a primary school. What can we do?

    The Programme is focused on providing free-of-charge first aid education to public primary schools, that's why we are unable to provide such training to any other entities. 

  • We have applied to become a part of the Programme. What's next?

    As soon as we receive your application we enter your school into the list of schools awaiting training course. As soon as we have a set of minimum 15 schools from one administrative district we begin the training course. We then send information with the date and location of the course to the schools. 

  • We have applied long time ago, but we haven't received invitation to the course. Why?

    First of all, make sure to check your e-mail carefully. Maybe it ended up in the spam folder? If you are sure that you haven't missed our e-mail, it might be the case that we didn't receive enough applications from schools in your administrative district to warrant the training course. We hold training courses once we get 15 or more applications from the area. 

Training Course
  • How long does the training course take?

    Our training course is a day-long event, and it takes maximum 6 hours. 

  • Can a different teacher than the one listed on the application form attend the course?

    Yes! If a teacher listed on the application form is not available to attend the training course, the headmaster of the school can assign a different teacher. We can deal with all paperwork resulting from the change on site. 

  • Do we have to confirm our participation in the training?

    If you received an email inviting you to take part in the training course, it means that we expect you to attend the course. There is no need to confirm your participation in the course (unless we have asked you to do so in our e-mail). Please let us know if the representatives from your school won't be able to make it, though!  

  • Do we need to take school's official stamp to the training course?

    Yes! Training courses are financed with the funds raised during the Grand Finale charity fundraiser, and we make sure to carefully account for all the initiative we have financed. The basis for the final account of the CPR for School Programmes are deeds for equipment we donate during the training. In order to fill in the deed for the teaching aids correctly, we need to stamp them with official school stamps. Please remember to bring these stamps with you to the training course, otherwise we won't be able to sign the deeds and provide you with teaching aids and equipment! 

  • Can we let the local media know about the training course?

    Yes, please do! We would like to let everyone know about our initiative - the more people know CPR, the better! 

  • Do any obligations arise from taking part in the training course?

    Yes. The teacher obliges to carry our the Programme in their school. We would also love to stay in touch with the schools which participate in the project. 

Implementation of the Programme
  • Is taking part in the training course equivalent to filling out the Ministry of Education requirement to train school staff in CPR & first aid?

    Unfortunately, the answer to this question has to be no. This training course focuses on how to teach first aid and CPR, and consequently, it is not an equivalent of completing first aid training. The course is focused on showing teachers how to teach CPR to young pupils. 

  • We're actively participating in the Programme, but we ran out of books. What can we do?

    Well done, it means that you have taught CPR to some children already! It also means that you should send us your 'Lessons Charter' in order to inform us about the lessons you have conducted. After that, you should let us know how many books you need - send us an e-mail with a number of books, your school's address and your name to dosył[email protected]

  • We would like to invite your instructors to teach our pupils in our school. Can you come visit us?

    Thank you for your invitation, but no. We are unable to send our instructors to individual schools in the country. 

  • We're not a primary school, but we work with children and conduct first aid training. Can we get teaching aids from you?

    Unfortunately not. Our teaching aids have been tailored for a certain age group and using them to teach in a different environment can be simply useless. In order to make the most out our teaching aids, you should also complete the training course.