During the 32nd Grand Finale we raised:
281879118,07 PLN

Thank you for volunteering!

Thank you for deciding to volunteer with us! Read through the FAQs below to find out more about volunteering with the GOCC and playing your very important part in the Grand Finale fundraiser. 


Do you know that you are making the world a better place? We appreciate your commitment and the work you do! We are joined by 120,000 people who give us the gift of their time and enthusiasm! We will meet again to raise money in aid of children's medicine on 26 January 2025!

Begin your adventure

First of all - find your local Collection Centre! People running your local Collection Centre are the ones responsible for holding the fundraiser in your area, so it's best to get in touch with them. 

The team at the Collection Centre will register you in our database, and provide you with an ID card and your Collection Box – just a w few necessities you will need to begin your adventure at the Grand Finale Fundraiser! In turn, you should read and make sure to follow the Volunteer's Code of Practice

Please bear in mind that the Collection Centre can register a limited number of volunteers, so you need to carefully consider if you would be able to contribute to the work on the day of the Grand Finale. If you are not going to be able to devote your time on the day of the Grand Finale, don't worry. You can still help the Collection Centre organise the work before the main event – there's plenty to do before the fundraising party takes over the country. 



How to register to volunteer?

There are two ways to register as a volunteer:. 

  • visit the local Collection Centre office – our tried and tested 'analogue' volunteer recruitment method. It requires you to visit the Collection Centre in person and fill in the required forms on site,
  • register online – select your local Collection Centre and fill in an application form available at iwolontariusz.wosp.org.pl. Each Collection Centre has a limited number of available spots. If your application has not been confirmed, it might be rejected by the Collection Centre.



Volunteer in person

Contact the local Collection Centre and set up a meeting. Go to your local Collection Centre with all the necessary documents and your photo. 


If you are underage, ask your legal guardian/parent to go with you. 


Volunteer online

We encourage you to apply online! Online registration is the easiest and quickest way to volunteer. Go to our iwolontariusz.wosp.org.pl platform and apply by filling in a registration form. 


Please note! After you sent your application, the Collection Centre contacts you to confirm your data.

What is a TOKEN?

Some Collection Centres choose to use digital TOKEN. How to register using a TOKEN? 

  1. You will receive a digital token from the Collection Centre of your choice. A token is a string of numbers. 
  2. Register online at iwolontariusz.wosp.org.pl – set up an account and add a picture. 
  3. Log into your account and enter a token into the search bar. The search will bring up your Collection Centre – now it's time to apply. 
  4. The staff at the Foundation will verify your picture quality. 
  5. The Collection Centre will contact you to verify your data. 

These application methods are applicable for adult volunteers. If you are underage, you should pass your TOKEN to your legal guardian/parent. 




Three ways to help

You can help by:

  • fundraising to a traditional Collection Box, 
  • running an online collection via the eCollection Box powered by Mastercard, 
  • combining these two methods of support! Collect the funds to a traditional and online Collection Box! 


Jerzy Owsiak before the 32nd Grand Finale fundraiser, photo by: Łukasz Widziszowski

Underage volunteers

If you are underage, your legal guardian needs to set up a separate account on our website and fill in the appropriate forms and permits or accompany you during your visit to the local Collection Centre. If you register online, your legal guardian must set up a “Volunteer's legal guardian” account. 

The Chief of the Collection Centre, who is responsible for the running of the Grand Finale collection, assigns adult guardians to underage volunteers. Any volunteer under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their legal guardian while collecting the money to the Collection Box.  


Your Grand Finale work

You have been registered in a Collection Centre, you have your ID badge, and your Collection Box is duly signed with your ID number and sealed. You have stocked up on little red heart stickers to hand out to people who have contributed to the cause. You have familiarised yourself with the Volunteer's Code of Practice ⇾ You are now ready to become a part of the Great Orchestra and play your role in the Grand Finale! 

Remember to stay safe, be cheerful, never go around the flats, and never corner anyone into donating. You may ask your friends to accompany on the day of the fundraiser. 

Unless you are registered as a volunteer for a closed event organized by your local Collection Centre, you are not allowed to raise funds on any other day than the day of the Grand Finale fundraiser. You may collect money in the streets to your cardboard Collection Box only on the day of the Grand Finale – on 28 January 2024. 


Money you raised

Our collection is a day-long initiative, but you can take your Collection Box back to the Collection Centre at any time if you are tired, or if your Collection Box got wet or is full of money.

Back in the Collection Centre, you should make sure that the cash from your Collection Box is counted by the person responsible for accounting – the funds raised by you should be counted in your presence, and the amount you have collected should be written down on a list – a ledger. Make sure to sign the document yourself. Your signature (either on paper or online via iwolontariusz.wosp.org.pl) means that you have been informed of the amount you raised and that you confirm the sum noted by on the list. If you shared your phone number with us, you will receive a text message from the Foundation confirming the amount you collected to your Collection Box, as soon as the Collection Centre will settle its accounts. 



You will receive a separate document listing the amount you have raised from the Chief of your Collection Centre. We call this document a collection balance sheet, and it serves to acknowledge your participation in the charitable collection. 

We are unable to send you any additional certificates or acknowledgements.