During the 31st Grand Finale we raised:
243 259 387,25 PLN
Special offers

Gifts, freebies, and special offers for our volunteers!

Our headline sponsors always try to go above and beyond to appreciate the work and commitment of our volunteers. Find out the gadgets waiting for our volunteers on 29 January 2023. 

Sponsors support our volunteers

Friends look out for friends. This year, our friends from Play are looking out for our volunteers and provide them with lanyards and loop scarves. Since our volunteers are true heart experts, distributing thousands of red-heart stickers on the day of the Grand Finale, Play has prepared a special tool for designing your very own heart graphic: https://www.playdlawosp.pl/



Show that you support our charity! This year some of our volunteers might choose to fundraise from their homes and opt to launch a digital collection to aid the objective of the Grand Finale. A unique backpack from mBank will help you show that your heart beats for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. 

All volunteers, who register in our database, will receive a vibrant red bag. 



Create your own eCollection Box powered by Mastercard or donate to a chosen eCollection Box set up by someone else to support the objective of the 31st Grand Finale.

We are happy to see you playing with us! You may find a ready package of visuals to personalize your eCollection Box on your iWolontariusz account. Set up your very own eCollection Box: iwolontariusz.wosp.org.pl. Mastercard helps to carry help.