Our COVID-19 Relief Fund Raised
26 195 451 PLN
Special offers

for volunteer's eyes only!

We would like to share some of the pleasant surprises that our sponsors have specially prepared for the volunteers raising funds at the 26th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. 


Gifts for volunteers


Our friends at mBank provide our volunteers with warm, touchscreen gloves - super useful when you are out fundraising and would like to be on top of your social media (and in touch with your parents and friends as well!), especially mid-January! 

Volunteers are also more than welcome to come by branches of the bank for a hot coffee or tea! 


Gloves from mBank


Play provides all volunteers fundraising on the day of the Grand Finale with purple lanyards and warm fleecy circle scarf. 



mBank credit card signed by Jurek Owsiak 

A limited edition credit card is available for those of our volunteers who are banking with our Grand Finale financial partner - mBank. 

You can find out more about rules & regulations on the bank's website




Online Collection Box from Mastercard

For those of you eager to begin collecting the funds before we all 'play' on the day of the Grand Finale, our friends from Mastercard prepared a designated online platform, where you can establish your very own online Collection Box. Fundraising online begins on Thursday. 

Keep your eyes peeled for a priceless surprise that Mastercard has in store for us - everything will be revealed on the evening of the Grand Finale! 


You can pitch in here or share the site with your friends! 


Jesteś wolontariuszem? Załóż swoją eskarbonkę!


Live stream with Play - 24 hours with the Orchestra

Play network provider is 'playing' with us for the 7th time in a row, and this year they came up with a brand new immersive Grand Finale experience. You can tune into a 24-hour live stream featuring some of the best-loved influencers. The longer you watch, the more money Play will be donating to charity! Tune in here





2020-07-07 10:43:23

PLN 50 000 000 for COVID-19 Relief in Poland

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity has oficially summed up its activities and support of Polish healthcare which aimed to address coronavirus pandemic in Poland. Our charity has donated medical equipment for PLN 48 000 000.

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