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For Teachers

For Teachers

Our educational initiative aims to reach as many school children as possible and introduce them to the basics of CPR and first aid. Studies have shown that children not only learn these skills more effectively, but also that early education helps fight any inhibitions adults learning to perform CPR might have. It is worth mentioning that in case of a sudden heart failure, an immediate bystander resuscitation can save a life. 

After training: responsibilites of school and Foundation
  • What happens after the CPR training?

    We would like to show children how easy it can be to save someone's life! 

    Once the school decides to take part in the CPR for Schools initiative, we invite teachers to attend a free course, where they learn CPR and how to successfully teach first aid to their pupils. Not only do our qualified instructors share their CPR knowledge and experience, but also provide the school teachers with books and teaching aids. The condition is for a given school to organise CPR trainings for pupils throughout the school year. The annual summary of the CPR trainings for children held by school teachers should be then delivered to the Foundation. It will serve as a confirmation that a given school actively participates in the CPR programme and the basis for our Foundation's sending teaching aids for the following CPR trainings in the next school year. 

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