At 29th Grand Finale we raised
210 813 830 PLN
Grand Finale

27 Years of Playing for Charity...

2019-12-19 14:52:49


The most significant charity in Poland has with the most impressive fundraising result over the 27 years. This year we have reached a stunning benchmark of PLN 1 100 000 000 - over EUR 250 000 000! The realisation that generations of Poles trust us with their money and rely on us to use it to improve the conditions at public hospitals in Poland is both humbling and incredibly inspiring. 

The result of the first Grand Finale fundraiser, which was held in winter of 1993, came as a huge surprise. We managed to raise USD 1 535 440! For a country in the former eastern block, which was still new to the concept of non-governmental activity, it was a result which made us think about establishing a charitable organisation. The charity was officially established in the spring of 1993, and our aim has been - from the very onset of our work - to support Polish hospitals, buy medical equipment and ensure that children in Poland have access to the best possible medical devices. The aim of that first fundraiser was financing the purchase of devices for children's cardiac surgery. 


First Grand Finale - 1993


That initial success motivated us to keep going and keep raising money for children's medicine. In 1994 we fundraised in aid of neonatal hospitals and we, yet again, had a record sum of money at our disposal. We bought a set of super modern Japanese incubators which were the first incubators to be introduced at neonatal wards in Poland. We raised USD 1 930 726, and in the following year, 1995, we raised USD 1 000 000 more - hitting a sum of USD 2 816 465 . This time we were able to buy medical equipment for children's oncological hospitals. 




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