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Establish a Collection Centre - In Six Easy Steps!

2016-12-01 16:29:42

The deadline for submitting an aplication form for establishing a Collection Centre falls on Monday, November 21st. There are few ways in which you could help our fundraiser - you can either set up a traditional Collection Centre and coordinate public fundraiser on the day of the Grand Finale, or choose to organise a fundraiser during an event taking place indoors - such as a concert, or a workshop. If you own a business you can also set up a Collection Box on your premises. 


Collection Centre

Firstly, you should check if there is no Collection Centre already established in your area. You should reach out the Collection Centre and let them know you would like to help. However, if there isn't a Collection Centre established locally, it is your time to shine! 

Once you know what you want to be involved in there's no time to waste: you are just six steps away from establishing your own Collection Centre: 

  1. Assemble a team of people, who will be the core of the Collection Centre - let's call them the Crew of the Collection Centre. They will take up most of the responsibility for running the fundraiser. 
  2. Make sure you are familiar with and follow the Rules and Regulations of a Collection Centre. 
  3. Decide who is going to be the Chief of the Collection Centre. This individual will be responsible for all organisational matters and decisions.
  4. The Chief of the Collection Centre will have to register in our database and fill in the application form. He or she will also accept the rules and regulations and agrees to follow their provisions. 
  5. The application form needs to be printed out and signed by the Chief of the Collection Centre and the team responsible for counting the funds. 
  6. The application form should be sent to us by post, or handed in personally by November the 21st. Please bear in mind that we need to receive the original document, bearing original signatures in order to be able to process your application. 


Stationary Collection Box

This kind of a fundraiser is best suited to busness owners, who would like to display a stationery Collection Box on their premises and encourage their customers to contribute to our fundraiser. A Collection Box should be displayed alongside a Notice stating that this fundraiser is in fact for the benefit of the Grand Finale. 

  1. Choose your Chief of Collection Centre.
  2.  Make sure to read the relevant Rules and Regulations and Declaration, which should be attached to the application.
  3.  The Chief should register in the Chief of Collection Centre Database, and having accepted the Rules and Regulations, they fill in the application form.
  4.  The Chief of the Collection Centre prints out the application form and declaration of the organizer holding a stationary collection box fundraiser on their premises. 
  5. The application form needs to be signed by the Chief of the Collection Centre
  6.  The application form, bearing an original signature and stamps should be sent of personally delivered to the foundation's office by 21 of November 2016 (Dominikańska 19c, 02-738 Warszawa) 



Hold a 'Closed' Event 

The 'closed' describing the event means that the event is being held on closed premises such as a concert hall, or a classroom. The form of the event is purely up to you and your resources: it can be a concert, a performance, workshop, or a game - and the volunteers fundraise not in the streets, but they receive donations from people as a way of 'entry fee' for participating in the event. 

  1. Read and ensure that your team follows the Rules and Regulations of Closed Events. 
  2. Choose who will serve as the Chief of the Closed Event. Chief is responsible for coordinating all work that goes into organization of the event 
  3. Chief of the Closed Event needs to register in the Chief of the Collection Centre Database: they have to fill in the application form, read and agree to comply with the Rules and Regulations. 
  4. The application form, which has been filled by the Chief in the database, has to printed out and signed by the members of the committee, who are responsible for calculating the funds. 
  5. The application form, after it has been signed and stamped, needs to be sent to the GOCC foundation's offices by post or handed in in person by November 21, 2016. Our address is Fundacja WOŚP, Dominikańska 19c, 02-738 Warszawa. 
  6. A closed event is an event taking place in closed premises (an event such as a concert, or a silent disco, or a workshop) 15th of December 2016 and 15th of January 2017, with the proceeds from voluntary admission fees supporting the objective of the Grand Finale.





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