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2021-09-07 15:45:13


We believe that schools should be places of creative freedom, experimentation, and education, which broadens the students' horizons and teaches them more about the world than the rigid school curriculum. Unfortunately, the proposed reform will curb all freedoms and limit the extracurricular, new, and interesting activities available for children and public schools in Poland. In short, the reform, speared by the very conservative minister of education. Non-governmental organizations working in education are alarmed by the restrictions, which the ministry of education can introduce. The activists warn that schools will become breeding grounds for nationalism, corruption, and closed-mindedness under the new regulations. 

As an NGO, which relies on the volunteers, who are often pupils at schools, which also become hubs of fundraising activity and form Collection Centres, we are apprehensive of all restrictions imposed on the freedom and autonomy of schools. We stand against the restrictions and support NGOs engaged in working to keep the school free and independent. 


fot. Dominik Malik

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