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2019-12-27 15:43:13


Volunteering with the GOCC is one of the most popular and widespread forms of social engagement in Poland. It is also often the first-ever voluntary engagement for young people, who usually return to volunteer year after year. We do not discriminate - everyone can volunteer on the day of the Grand Finale, sharing their time, giving their enthusiasm and commitment. We asked our long-term volunteers to share their tips and tricks on how to make the most of your experience. 


1. Have fun! 

  • dress up - a fun fancy dress can help you attract more attention from passers-by and, consequently, more donations;
  • be friendly with other volunteers - remember that you are not in competition with each other; 
  •  bring on the party - why not take musical instruments with you? you can sing, dance, and be merry. Anything that floats your boat, motivates you and does not bother other people is fine by us! 

2. Be courteous and kind

  • maintain a positive attitude and keep smiling - we are all about putting FUN in fundraising. Volunteers are our calling card - make us proud! 
  • be polite, courteous and kind - we cannot stress it enough. Please never pester anyone for donations and make sure to thank for each and any contribution, however small it might be. Of course, you should give a heart sticker for each donation; 
  • approach people - do not be shy to talk to strangers and interact with people; 
  • don't let anyone provoke you - when someone is unkind or unpleasant, take the high road and avoid confrontation. 

3. Your safety first 

  • ID must be visible - make sure to make your ID visible at all times; 
  • be careful and prioritize your own safety - if someone tries to take your Collection Box off you, you mustn't struggle with them. Hand it over and then, once you are safe, make sure to call 112;
  • ask for help - if someone follows you, approach any passer-by for help. Make sure to collect money in well-lit, public spaces, with people around you; 
  • bring a friend - one of the simplest, yet most effective safety measures is fundraising in a group. It's also way more fun;
  • keep on moving - try not to stay put and move in the well-lit, well-populated areas of town. 

4. Good organisation is key 

  • important numbers - make sure to note numbers to your Collection Centre and contact details to your coordinator. Feel free to ring them; 
  • focus - listen and make sure to note all the advice and instructions you get from the Collection Centre. It is very important for you to remember where you can fundraise and where to take your Collection Box once you're done; 
  • dress for the weather - check the forecast and dress to stay warm and remember about good footwear! 
  • gear up - cut out individual heart stickers to make it easier to hand them out; 
  • stay warm - check which restaurants and cafes will be treating volunteers to warm beverages and snacks! 

First and foremost - have fun, meet new friends and make memories! 


fot. Igor Kohutnicki

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