During the 31st Grand Finale we raised:
243 259 387,25 PLN

We are racing for a higher cause!

2022-09-06 12:00:00

This year, for the third time, the GOCC Foundation along with 9 other charity organisations took part in the Westminister Charity Race held at the Służewiec Track in Warsaw, galloping for a higher cause.


The charity race was on the main events on the Westminister Day's programme planned for 3 September 2022. Each foundation invited to the event drew lots for its horse, and the jockeys wore colours of the particular organisation. And even though during the very race emotions were running high, and the podium was of its standard 3-stands size, the paddock was filled with an atmosphere of friendship, mutual support and unity. Here, everyone is the winner. For we were racing for a higher good! 


The prize pool was distributed among 10 foundations in a form of a donation to support their statutory activities. 



The employees of the GOCC Foundation drew lots for the horse named Inulla. The winner of this year's Westminister Chairty Race was Gone Hill with Konrad Mazur on its back, who run for the Empowering Children Foundation [Fundacja Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę]. 



We are beyond happy to be part of this amazing project held by Westminister Polska! Congratulations to all the foundations who took part in the initiative. 

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Our "First Aid" board game awarded!

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31st Grand Finale – we fight with sepsis!

To purchase the medical equipment for early diagnosis of the bacterial infection that causes sepsis – this is the main objective of the upcoming 31st Grand Finale. For the first time in the history of the Orchestra, the Foundation will purchase medical equipment for all patients in need, regardless of age.

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The theme of the 31st Grand Finale will be revealed soon!

The main objective of our January fundraiser will be revealed soon. We will learn about the theme of the 31st Grand Finale on 12 October 2022, at 12:00!