At 29th Grand Finale we raised
210 813 830 PLN

Our Charity Donates to COVID-19 Relief Again

2020-11-24 20:21:03


The Board of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation decided to reach out to hospitals nationwide to offer emergency support to public healthcare providers, who struggle with equipment shortages. The charity not only donated beds for intensive care units, which were designated as COVID-19 wards but also bought other specialized equipment, which will be used to treat patients with severe cases of the disease. The overall cost of the equipment purchased by our charity amounts to PLN 20 829 233,68. 

Since the beginning of November, the charity purchased: 

  • 1340 ICU beds 
  • 89 heart monitors 
  • 50 medical ventilators 
  • a remote patient monitoring system 
  • 6 oxygen concentrators 


It is important to note that oxygen concentrators are proven to be one of the key devices in treating patients with life-threatening cases of coronavirus. The machines are used to deliver highly oxygenated air, which is an essential step in saving life functions of patients who have struggled with breathing due to the progress of the infection. Oxygen concentrators will be donated to long-term care units at six medical facilities in Poland, where some of the most vulnerable - elderly and frail patients are cared for. 


The charity has also launched a website, which will serve as a message board for hospitals looking for volunteers. Many hospitals and clinics are struggling with staff shortages, so the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation has launched a public appeal to encourage people to help out at medical facilities nationwide. 



Profesor Bogdan Maruszewski oraz Jurek Owsiak podczas podsumowania zakupów w ramach pierwszej fali wsparcia dla szpitali walczących z COVID-19



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