2017-01-25 21:46:25

No time to waste - fundraiser is still going on!

Didn't make it to the Grand Finale and never got to drop your spare change into the Collection Box? Never managed to donate on-line or text in support of our charity? No worries, there are still some ways to help raise money for public hospitals in Poland!
2017-01-16 01:13:55

Pekao S.A. is our official banker

Pekao S.A. has offered invaluable support to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation since 1999, serving as official banker during the Grand Finale fundraiser.
2017-01-15 00:21:28

Our Valorous Volunteers - how to recognize them.

Streets of Poland as well as many other more or less distant places around the globe are filled with people gathering funds. Click here to see how to recognize our peeps!
2017-01-14 16:58:37

Join our cause and support the GOCC!

It is thanks to you - our dear donators and valorous volunteers - that the GOCC Foundation could fulfil its statutory goals for the last 25 years! Every penny, cent and grosz helps, so if you're looking to make a donation or help us in a non-financial way, click here to learn how to do that in the most convenient way :)

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