2024-01-26 15:50:00

The 32nd Grand Finale - we are ready to go!

Months of preparation, thousands of events around the world and hundreds of thousands of people involved. The 32nd Finale of GOCC is just around the corner! In Warsaw, the Orchestra's heart will be beating the loudest at PGE Narodowy meadows. It is here that Jurek Owsiak summed up preparations for the next edition of the fundraising.
2024-01-23 08:16:00

Get ready for the Friday wrap-up!

Traditionally, on Fridays just before the Grand Finale fundraiser, the GOCC Foundation hosts a press conference to sum up the preparations for the annual collection. Jurek Owsiak will present all our initiatives, actions, and activities as we prepare to celebrate another edition of the joyous celebration of kindness!
2017-01-10 11:14:42

Last Press Conference Before the Grand Finale

The Grand Finale is just a couple of days away, and we are meeting with the press to sum up the preparations for the fundraising fete. We are also going to be broadcasting live online, so you can tune in and follow the conference yourself.
2016-12-06 14:57:18

Start the Press!

We have officially begun the printing process of our Collection Boxes. Jurek Owsiak has personally launched the printing press at Stora Enso Poland. The company is going to produce 180 000 Collection Boxes.

Patience, we are downloading content