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Start the Press!

2016-12-06 13:57:18

The Stora Enso printing plant has just began the process of printing 180 000 colourful Collection Boxes, which will be used at the Grand Finale fundraiser in Poland and to the most remote places like Tokyo and Chicago, where the Grand Finale fundraiser is going to be held. 



Each year the team of our graphic designers makes sure that the Collection Boxes are colourful and boast characteristic and unique design. 

Jurek Owsiak emphasised that the Collection Boxes, which are made out of carton and are easy to transport and fold, perfectly compliment the joyous atmosphere of the Grand Finale fundraiser.





Owsiak says: 'You could easily open these Collection Boxes with your hands, because they are made out of carton. But our fundraiser is, first and foremost, a fundraiser of honest people'. The anniversary Grand Finale fundraiser will take place in just a few week's time, on January the 15th 2017. 





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