In aid of Grand Finale 2022 we have raised
18 703 412 PLN
Grand Finale

8 000 Parcels En Route to Collection Centres

2020-12-28 15:25:06


We have moved the date of the Grand Finale to 31.01.2021, but the preparations to hold 29th edition of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity fundraiser are going strong. The key elements of the Grand Finale fundraiser are the community hubs of activity - our local Collection Centres, which hold different fundraising events and coordinate the work of our volunteers. It is our custom to provide volunteers with posters, gadgets, ID cards, and Collection Boxes to locations across the world. 

Thanks to our friends at UPS, we have been able to deliver parcels to locations as remote as New Zealand or Mexico. This year, just like every year since we began working together 12 years ago, we could count on UPS volunteers, who helped us send over 8 000 parcels to Collection Centres worldwide. We have sent off our cardboard Collection Boxes, Grand Finale promotional posters and - in order to help Collection Centres hold safe events in the age of coronavirus pandemics - a supply of disinfectant and face masks for volunteers.  


fot. Dominik Malik

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2021-02-25 17:11:39

Preliminary Result Tallies with the Sum in our Account

PLN 127 495 626 is the preliminary result of our Grand Finale fundraiser. Today, at 16:00 sharp the sum in our account has caught up with the preliminary result we announced at midnight on the day of the fundraiser. The count will continue until March 29th, when the result of this year's collection is announced.

2021-03-02 15:50:18

28th Anniversary of GOCCRegistration

We are 28 years young! The official paperwork to register the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation was filed exactly 28 years ago. The charity was established just two months after the first Grand Finale, which took place on January 3rd. 1993.

2021-01-31 22:22:58

Your run, walk, or skateboard ride supports the GOCC!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 15th edition of our Get Even With Diabetes run could not take place as it always has—in the heart of Warsaw, with hundreds of runners in the iconic orange run t-shirts. Instead, this year the run went digital!

2021-03-17 16:12:22

1% Charitable Tax Donation

Everyone, who pays their taxes in Poland can donate 1% of their tax return to a non-governmental organization of their choice. Our charity is also eligible to receive donations through tax return forms. This year, we will use the funds raised through 1% tax donation drive to improve the levels of care offered at paediatric care units across the country.