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Grand Finale

8 000 Parcels En Route to Collection Centres

2020-12-28 15:25:06


We have moved the date of the Grand Finale to 31.01.2021, but the preparations to hold 29th edition of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity fundraiser are going strong. The key elements of the Grand Finale fundraiser are the community hubs of activity - our local Collection Centres, which hold different fundraising events and coordinate the work of our volunteers. It is our custom to provide volunteers with posters, gadgets, ID cards, and Collection Boxes to locations across the world. 

Thanks to our friends at UPS, we have been able to deliver parcels to locations as remote as New Zealand or Mexico. This year, just like every year since we began working together 12 years ago, we could count on UPS volunteers, who helped us send over 8 000 parcels to Collection Centres worldwide. We have sent off our cardboard Collection Boxes, Grand Finale promotional posters and - in order to help Collection Centres hold safe events in the age of coronavirus pandemics - a supply of disinfectant and face masks for volunteers.  


fot. Dominik Malik

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New Date of the Grand Finale

Due to new, strict restrictions introduced in Poland, which will be in force until 17.01.2021, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation decided to move the Grand Finale fundraiser to 31.01.2021.

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Cashelss, contactless Donations

Cashless, contactless donations are a safe, socially distant way of contributing to the aim of the Grand Finale fundraiser. Volunteers with wireless payment terminals will be fundraising in 239 locations in Poland and abroad.