Grand Finale

Register your Collection Centre

2017-11-20 13:26:05

The deadline for Collection Centre registration falls on Monday, November the 20th. It's time to make your minds up - are you up for the challenge of organizing the public charitable collection on January the 14th 2018? This is your last call to join in the fun! 

First of all, you have got to check if there is a Collection Centre that has been already established locally. If there isn't one - you need to rectify this situation and establish one yourself! If there is one, however, you should get in touch with them and ask if they need any help. 


fot. Sztab WOŚP Żyrardów


All relevant information about formalities, requirements and obligations you need to fulfil once you establish a Collection Centre is available on our website. When in doubt - re-read the Rules & Regulations because there's plenty of valuable suggestions and guidelines on how to manage the entire collection - before, during, and after the Grand Finale. 

Make also sure to check out or Bank of Bands - a handy list of artists, who support our charity and will not require being paid for their performance at your event! You can also decide to hold your own "GOCC Run", this time held in order to support two of our programmes - purchase of personal insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes and educational initiative CPR for Schools, organize a charitable auction - an exchange of goods and services for donations made into the collection boxes - your creativity and resourcefulness is the limit, really! 


fot. Łukasz Widziszowski

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