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Grand Finale

The Grand Finale Allegro auctions start now!

2022-12-19 16:28:05

Allegro have been “playing” with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for the 23 years! This year, traditionally, thanks to Allegro, you may support the GOCC Grand Finale fundraiser by bidding or putting something up for auction. 


There are 1053 auctions active so far, and the declared amount is equal to PLN 25,176!


The 31st Grand Finale is coming! This time we will fundraise for all – the little and the big ones, in order to beat sepsis! One of our fundraising methods to contribute and aid the main objective of the 31st Grand Finale is to bid at the GOCC auctions powered by Allegro. Those auctions are true rarities! Last year, during the jubilee 30th Grand Finale, you could bid for such items as the Iga Świątek’s tennis racket, famous sofas from the “Kuba Wojewódzki Show”, or a guitar signed by the Rolling Stones!



Jurek Owsiak with Allegro Team during the 28th Grand Finale, photo: Marcin Michoń



Here is a short summary of our GOCC auctions in numbers:

  • 273,875 participant in 2022
  • 193,878 auctions launched by the Allegro users
  • 18,887 users who put something to auction
  • 7,644,422 visitors at the platform
  • every 8 sec. an item was put to the GOCC auction on the day of the 30th Grand Finale


Allegro users may also support the GOCC Foundation while doing their regular shopping on the platform. They may simply add a “contribution” to their shopping cart while finalizing the order. The contribution will be added to the Allegro Collection Box. The funds will be then in full transferred to the charity.


Put your item to the Allegro auction! There are three easy ways to follow:

  1. Put the item to auction yourself – choose the auction’s layout as you like and launch the auction whenever you are ready. Once you are a registered Allegro user, go to the “Wyjątkowe Chwile” [Eng. “Special Moments”] tab and follow the steps.
  2. Contact the local GOCC Collection Centre – you may use the help of experienced volunteers who may also offer you some extra promotional activities around your auction.
  3. Give the item directly to the Foundation – you may deliver the item personally or send it via a courier directly to the GOCC Foundation. We will take it from here.


Last year’s Allegro auctions for the GOCC Foundation allowed us to raise PLN 37,414,104!


The Grand Finale leather jacket

During the 30th Grand Finale, Jurek Owsiak wore a leather jacket made by the “chief GOCC shoemaker” – Mr Piotr Świątek from Łódź. It has become a tradition that Mr Świątek since 2017 creates special Grand Finale boots for Jurek. Last year, however, on the occasion of the jubilee 30th Grand Finale, Mr Świątek made two leather jackets inspired by Jurek’s favourite design. One piece was delivered to Jurek, and the second one still hangs in Mr Świątek’s workshop, waiting to be put to auction this year.


Jurek Owsiak wearing the leather jacket, photo: Lucyna Lewandowska

The jacket is the first item put to the 31st Grand Finale auctions!


23 years together!

Since the beginning, Allegro plays with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and supports its initiative. 23 years of collaboration translates into almost PLN 148 million transferred to the charity to aid the next objectives of the Grand Finales.


Items put to Allegro auctions, photo: Dominik Malik


31st Grand Finale. We fight with sepsis – for the little and the big ones!

To purchase the medical equipment for early diagnosis of the bacterial infection that causes sepsis – this is the main objective of the upcoming 31st Grand Finale. For the first time in the history of the Orchestra, the Foundation will purchase medical equipment for all patients in need, regardless of age. The traditional public fundraiser will be held in the streets on 29 January 2023, but the online fundraisers and numerous events organized by the Collection Centres will be launched already in December.

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