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Ultrasound Machines for Isolation Hospitals

2020-05-21 17:01:50


Our charity officially received twenty-five portable ultrasound machines from Philips Polska. The equipment will be delivered to specialized isolation hospitals which are tasked with treating COVID-19 patients in Poland. These state-of-the-art portable ultrasound machines are worth nearly PLN 1.2 million. 

Philips Polska gifted twenty-five handheld portable ultrasound Philips Lumify machines These ultrasound machines allow medical staff easier access to state-of-the-art ultrasonography techniques on the go. Lightweight handheld sets can be used in hospital wards, emergency rooms, and onboard of ambulances. It is worth noting that the patient's bedside can use this handheld ultrasound device. It is especially vital when it comes to isolating COVID-19 patients increasing the safety of other patients and hospital staff. 


fot. Paweł Jabłoński


As soon as I've head that Philips Polska decided to donate twenty-five handheld ultrasonogram machines, I expected a van delivery to be carrying large boxes of equipment. Yet here we are - we received extremely modern equipment. It's enough to plug in the ultrasound transducer which is the size of a hair trimmer into a thoroughly modern tablet device, and you are ready to go, says Jurek Owsiak, chairman of the GOCC Foundation. 

Lumify ultrasound sets contain convex and cardiac transducers and tablet. The devices are lightweight and portable, making them the perfect equipment to aid frontline medical staff in the fight with COVID-19 pandemic. Precise and swift ultrasonography exam is one of the critical parts of successful diagnosis and further treatment of coronavirus patients. Ultrasound sets can be used on the go, by the patients' bedside to examine whether the virus affected the lungs or heart of the patient. 


fot. Paweł Jabłoński


We are very proud to be able to support hospitals with medical devices. It's great that we can rely on our long-standing relationship with top research and medical device manufacturers, and we would like to extend our thanks to Philips Polska for their support of our COVID-19 Relief Initiative, says Lidia Niedźwiedzka-Owsiak, medical affairs director at the GOCC. 


fot. Paweł Jabłoński


The value of twenty-five ultrasonography sets from Philips amounts to PLN 1.2 million. The manufacturer has also pledged to finance training for medical staff. The equipment will be donated to 25 hospitals located across the country. 

Our charity bought equipment for almost PLN 50 000 000. Apart from PPE for frontline medical staff (coveralls, masks, disinfection liquid), the charity purchased 200 ICU beds, 157 cardiac monitors, 71 medical ventilators. We also received equipment from medical suppliers, such as 30 infusion pumps, chest compression machine, two pulse oximeters, 25 USG machines, 3 ECG machines. All devices and all future purchases will be donated to hospitals and medical facilities tasked with fighting COVID-19. 


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