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Grand Finale

The virtual Get Even with Diabetes Run has started!

2023-01-28 18:23:59

During the 31st Grand Finale that is just about to start, there is one more event already taking place – it is the 17th Get Even with Diabetes Run! The race through the streets of Warsaw will start as planned on Sunday 29th January 2023, at noon, but the virtual race already began on 23rd of January! In the virtual race, the 5-kilometre distance can be covered anywhere at any time! Similar events are also organized by GOCC Collection Centres all over the world under the same banner – Get Even with Diabetes.   

  16. Get Even with Diabetes Run, photo by Marcin Zieliński

So far, 9,820 people have registered for both runs, out of which 4,418 participants signed up for the Warsaw run (out of 5,000 available places), and 5,402 for the virtual race. You can meet our runners wearing characteristic orange T-shirts – also participants of the virtual run – in 18 different countries all over the world:  

  • Saudi Arabia  
  • Austria  
  • Belarus  
  • Brazil  
  • Belgium  
  • Czech Republic  
  • Philippines  
  • Finland  
  • Netherlands  
  • Ireland  
  • Iceland  
  • Latvia  
  • Germany  
  • Norway  
  • Portugal  
  • United States  
  • Ukraine  
  • United Kingdom  

A healthy mind in a healthy body – you can still register!  

Those willing to participate in the action can still take part in a virtual run, in which the participant indicates the place and the date (between January 23 and 29) for covering the 5-kilometre distance. In addition, participants can choose the form of activity, because although Get Even with Diabetes is a run, the distance can be covered in various ways, e.g., by walking. Registration for both forms of running can be made on the platform. The organization of run will be once again supported by the Sport Evolution agency.  

Sign up for the virtual run (January 23-29)  

Registration for the 17th Get Even with Diabetes Run began, according to tradition, on November 14, which is the World Diabetes Day. The registration for the Warsaw run is already closed, but packages for the virtual run can be purchased until 29th January 2023 inclusive.  

16. Get Even with Diabetes Run, photo by Marcin Zieliński


Every participant will receive a commemorative orange T-shirt, a buff and a medal as part of the starter package, and participants of the Warsaw run – additionally a starting number.


Join the official Facebook event!  


The organization of the run supports the Personal Insulin Pump Treatment Programme for Pregnant Women with Diabetes, implemented by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in 2004. Funds from starter packages are allocated to the purchase of insulin pumps, thanks to which diabetics have a chance for a safe and peaceful pregnancy. Thanks to the runs organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in the years 2014-2021, 195 insulin pumps were purchased, the run during 30th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity enriched the programme with another 77 pumps. The main sponsor of the run is Dawtona - a producer of a wide range of vegetable and fruit products – supporting the Get Even with Diabetes campaign.   


16th Get Even with Diabetes Run – A record-breaking edition!

Over the years, the idea of the Warsaw run has become so popular that the Grand Finale runs are now also held in many places in Poland and abroad – the 16th edition of the race was also organized in 28 countries, i.e., India, Australia, South Africa, the United States and Iceland. During the 30th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, 9,270 participants from all over the world took part in a virtual edition of the run and in a regular run through the streets of Warsaw 4,056 runners were engaged. Together they covered an amazing distance of 76,889 kilometres!

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