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Join Medical Patrol

How to Become a Member of Medical Patrol?

Step 1: How to join the Medical Patrol?
In order to become a member of the Medical Patrol, send us an email to [email protected] in which you include the following:
- Information on your everyday work;
- Information about medical education (doctor, medical rescuer, nurse) or the fact of having a valid qualified first aid course (KPP);
- Scan of your diploma and/or qualified first aid course completion certificate;
- Information on whether you have experience in working as a part of a medical safety system, for example in a hospital or in the National Medical Rescue (PRM);
- Explanation why you would like to become a member of the Medical Patrol.

We will consider your application and contact you to let you know about the result.

Step 2: Who may join the Medical Patrol?
The Medical Patrol is open to:
1. Members of the Peace Patrol. Candidates are required to have participated at least once as a volunteer in Woodstock Festival Poland and have a medical education or a valid course certificate in qualified first aid (KPP).
2. Anyone else! Candidates who are not members of the Peace Patrol are required to have a medical education.

Step 3: Cooperation Agreement
If your application is successful, we will ask you to send us your data which we will need to prepare a Cooperation Agreement between you and the Medical Patrol.

We will be waiting for your email for 7 days.

Once you send us the data, we will prepare and send you two copies of the Cooperation Agreement. Please sign them and send one of them back to us within 2 weeks. Our address:

Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy
ul. Dominikańska 19C
02 - 738 Warszawa
Step 4: Becoming a member
You will become a member of the Medical Patrol as soon as the signed copy of the Cooperation Agreement reaches our Foundation.
2023-05-29 13:57:20

Equipment for the fight against sepsis

The GOCC Foundation has just completed the three-day-long 66th Open Tender held to buy medical equipment for the fight against sepsis. The Foundation spent a record-breaking amount of PLN 168 million!