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Grand Finale

Grand Finale 2021 is Going Global!

2021-01-30 16:00:52


Who is excited for the Grand Finale 2021? Ever since our charitable initiative has gone global, we are excited to see what remote corner of the world will join us in our Orchestra. Let us take you on a tour of all locations where volunteers and local activists hailing from Poland spread our message of peace, community, and appreciation of volunteer work. We are excited to see what Collection Centres located all over the world have in store for us, because they always showcase best that Polish culture has to offer. 


Jurek Owsiak podczas Finału WOŚP fot. Marcin Michoń


There is plenty of different initiatives carried out by local Collection Centres. In both, Polish and international locations, volunteers and activists tap intotheir creative side to come up with events which engage local communities and make the Grand Finale fundraiser a highlight of community calendars, even in times of pandemics. We are impressed by how effectively Collection Centres transferred their activities into the online realm, adhering to all restrictions and local regulations regarding coronavirus pandemic in their countries. 


Out of 1362 Collection Centre, there are 79 international Collection Centres, playing all over the world. 


Check the list of all Collection Centres - in Poland and and internationally


Even more exciting news is the fact that some Collection Centres have already held their fundraisers. Australian Collection Centres played ahead of the rest of us by two weeks, before everyone in the land down under took a well-deserved time off for summer holidays and escaped the heat. Three Australian Collection Centres: base in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne raised  AUD 12 527, 95, 7 983, 90, and 2 926,85 respectively. 

Another global initiative connected with the Grand Finale initiative is our Get Even with Diabetes Run - a 5K race, which this year is taking a shape of individual challenge. You can run, skate, swim, rollerblade in aid of buying insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes. Runners clad in orange T-shirts will participate in the challenge in Venezuela, Croatia, France, India, Afghanistan, Sweden, Norway, Marocco, Denmark, the Ukraine, Belgium, Ireland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Canada, Moldavia, Uzbekistan, Great Britain, Spain, Tunesia, the Netherlands, Austria, Palay, the Philippines, Salomon Islands, and Hungary. 


Biegacze 15. Biegu WOŚP Policz się z cukrzycą fot. Łukasz Widziszowski



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