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30 ways to support the 30th GOCC Finale

2021-12-30 18:04:18

30 ways to support the 30th GOCC Finale


The lion's share of online collections started already on the first of December, giving our donors the opportunity to take part in the 30th Finale of the Great Orchestra, two whole months before the last Sunday of January. Before our volunteers hit the streets, donors can also drop their money into Stationary Boxes or take part in events organised by our local offices set up by volunteers.  

And we can already declare that the account of the 30th Finale has more than PLN 33,500,000! 

Learn how can you support the Finale right now? 


Through the Internet, our website, phone, social media 

  • A proven and well-known method to support the purchase of equipment for pediatric ophthalmology is a bank transfer to a bank account dedicated to the 30th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Every year, at the beginning of December, we provide the official account number associated with the winter Finale. This year, you can direct your donations to the account of the 30th GOCC Finale by entering the number 88 1140 1010 0000 5244 4400 1130. If you contribute to the fundraising from outside the country, remember to add BREXPLPWMBKIBAN PL 88 1140 1010 0000 5244 4400 1130. 
  • The easiest way to support the 30th Finale is to make a donation through our website. By supporting our joyful event for children's ophthalmology, you can choose whether you want to make a single donation or cyclical support for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation.  
  • How often do you visit Facebook? Did you know that you can support the 30th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity through this biggest social networking platform? Our Facebook collection will end in 3 days - on the very day of the Finale. You can not only donate money to our fundraiser but also encourage your friends and colleagues to support us by creating your own Facebook fundraiser.  
  • eSkarbonka does not need any introduction - it is an online collection box which allows everyone to be a volunteer of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, but it is also a tool thanks to which everyone - regardless of where they are in the world - can support the goal of the 30th Finale of the GOCC. At the moment of writing this guide, 1 2937 people have donated to e-Skarbonka driven by Mastercard. Join their group!
  • Have you checked how much time you spend with your phone in your hand? Sending a text message with the word HEART to 75 565 will take you just a few seconds and PLN 5 will be credited to the 30th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. 
  • The collection on the SIEPOMAGA platform is a very popular method which is often used by donors.
  • Do you want to help light up a multicoloured virtual heart on the support.to platform? Our virtual heart is once again growing stronger and more colourful thanks to your donations. This campaign demonstrates the power of the online community - where many small gestures of support form a virtual heart.
  • You can also contribute to the goal of the 30th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity on the zrzutka.pl portal. Together, we can send a symbolic light to the Good Angels and fill the night sky with stars representing your donations to the 30th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.  
  • For those supporting us from the UK, we also have an option to make a free transfer using the SamiSwoi service.  
  • Traditionally, you can help on the day of the Finale by uploading posts in social media which, provided they bear the hashtag #MASTERCARDGRAZWOSP, will add PLN 5 to the Finale account


Serduszko WOŚP. fot. Łukasz Widziszowski


For collectors and auction enthusiasts

  • Allegro auctions are an inseparable part of our finale. While browsing among 77,405 auctions (and there are more added each day!) you can find real gems from various categories - it is a paradise for collectors of unusual items or experiences. The amount from each winning auction supports the goal of the 30th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.
  • The fundraising is also supported by placing auctions. You can share with others your souvenirs, handicrafts or offer something you do best - invite donors to workshops or classes in a field you are an expert in. You can put up the auction yourself or contact us.  
  • Did you know that during the Most Generous Donor Auction you can win beautiful, numbered Golden Hearts made of precious metals that were donated to the Finale in previous years. Some of them fetch dizzying prices, but it is worth having a look at the auction and hunting for a unique souvenir.
  • The Golden Cards, which can also be fought for in the Most Generous Donor Auction, are also a unique element of the Final collection. Gold-plated, numbered, commemorative phone cards are a great item for collectors.
  • Among many forms of support for the Finale, there is also a treat for bank card collectors - a fabulously colourful mBank card designed by Jurek Owsiak will be available in bank branches and online on 11 January. The card is available in a limited edition of 50,000 pieces.  


Puszki 30. Finału WOŚp. fot. Łukasz Widziszowski


Visiting your local Finale HQ, shopping, joining sporting events

  • Another way to support the goal of the 30th Final is to get involved in helping your local WOSP HQ. If you work locally or have a company that could support local volunteers by offering them necessary products or services or by covering the costs of organizing events - contact your local HQ.
  • While doing your daily shopping, you can already support the Great Finale by throwing money to the fabulously colourful donation boxes of the 30th Great Finale. Available in popular supermarkets, local shops, service establishments and institutions such as libraries, you will find our donation box all over Poland and abroad. Use the map of Stationary Boxes to locate the nearest GOCC donation box!
  • Events related to the 30th Finale are already underway - each of the Great Orchestra headquarters can organize closed events, i.e. ones where GOCC volunteers can already collect money. Staff events are a great way to fight boredom, meet new people and learn new skills. 
  • You could also support the goal of this year's GOCC Foundation Finale during the NVIDIA Charity Stream, watching performances by online artists and actively participating in panel discussions, playing, drawing or cooking together. 
  • Run, Fight with diabetes - take part in the 16th GOCC Run. One of the most interesting elements of the finale weekend is the Diabetes Run. This year, there will be the extremely popular virtual edition in which anyone can take part, regardless of where on the globe they are and the Warsaw edition of the event. The entry fees are tokens, using which we can buy personal insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes. 
  • A book is the most beautiful gift. It becomes even more beautiful when you learn that the total income from the sales of this book will be donated to the Great Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The beautifully published, illustrated book entitled "Sleepytales" will surely lull the youngest ones to sleep. 


Dawtona wspiera organizację Biegu WOŚP. fot. Łukasz Widziszowski


Our friends' campaigns

  • mBank clients can support the 30th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity through a banking application and transaction service. Donors who are not bank clients may make a charitable donation via the website. This time, mBank will contribute PLN 100,000 for every 100 donations. 
  • It is the tenth time that Play plays a part in the Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP), so every customer of the network can top up their account or pay an invoice in the application, thus supporting our fundraising. 
  • While shopping, you can not only drop your donation to the stationary box at the cash register, but also buy a cosy, warm winter hat at Biedronka. Buying orchestra gadgets in the chain's shops is a great way to support the Orchestra.  
  • For health-conscious people and, above all, for those who need to take special care of their eyesight, Dawtona has tomato juice with a special graphic design on the lable. The brand also encourages to support its eSkarbonka. 
  • If you are on the hunt for this year’s orchestra goodies, it may be a good idea to buy limited edition Crunchips chips. The manufacturer of the snack also invites you to bid for surprise boxes prepared by your favourite artists - the auction starts soon. 
  • This year, coffee manufacturer Lavazza has launched coffee in unique, limited edition tins with the GOCC heart logo. Coffee lovers may not only tempt themselves to buy coffee in the finale design but also compete for the prize in one of two auctions prepared by the brand - a course with a professional barista or a state of the art coffee machine dedicated to the 30th GOCC Final.  


Limitowana edycja Lavazzy. fot. Łukasz Widziszowski


  • Lovela also joined us this year to help with the purchase of the most modern equipment for children's ophthalmology. The manufacturer donated for auction on behalf of the 30th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity an e-book full of factual knowledge about the first days of a child's life and emotions that may accompany the birth.  
  • Each ride with Uber can become an opportunity to support the 30th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. You can choose the option of a ride with a "heart" and support our fundraising. 
  • You can also find stationary donation boxes and GOCC gadgets in Lidl shops. You can contribute to the fundraising or increase your collection of GOCC souvenirs.


Translated by Łukasz Kujac 

Puszki Stacjonarne w kawiarni. fot. Łukasz Widziszowski

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