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Six Tips for Volunteers!

2020-01-09 15:27:56


Are you looking for last-minute tips and tricks on how to make your day fundraising at the Grand Finale fun, fantastic, and free of worries? We got you covered. We reached out to veteran volunteers and experienced members of Collection Centres for their best tried-and-tested solutions which would make your Grand Finale day really great! 


1. Put yourself first

Surprised? Of course, volunteers are known to be selfless and they tend to think about other people. However, in order to experience your day to the fullest (and raise plenty of funds for those in need!) make sure to invest some time in self-care. First of all, even though your day will begin early in the morning, make sure to eat a healthy and filling breakfast. Dress accordingly to the weather and put on comfortable footwear. Pack your essentials (each volunteer will receive a string backpack and other useful souvenirs from our partners) and grab your ID card and Collection Box. 


2. Put a smile on your face

Our fundraiser has always been and will always be about joy and fun, and happiness which comes from being around open-minded, cheerful people. So - one of your tasks as a GOCC volunteer is to bring that joy to people you will meet throughout the day. Smile, greet people and you will surely get a smile in return! 


fot. Łukasz Widziszowski


3. Take a friend with you 

You should never fundraise alone! To put it simply - it's not only safer but more fun too! One of you can be responsible for carrying the Collection Box, the other can distribute heart stickers to the people you meet on the streets. 


4. Dress for the weather 

We used to remind our volunteers to wear warm clothes and waterproof footwear...but considering the fact that our initiative has since gone global and in some places, sunglasses and sunscreen can be more useful than gloves and wellington boots. So put on whatever suits the weather wherever you are at! 


fot. Cezary Lewandowski


5. Make breaks for snacks and warm (or cold) beverages

A similar case to the one above - make sure to stay hydrated and take breaks to eat something throughout the day. Many cafes and restaurants offer free snacks to our volunteers. Refreshments and snacks should also be available at your Collection Centre HQ. 


6. Stay in touch

Make sure to note all of the important phone numbers - phone number of the Chief of your Collection Centre, the person who coordinates the work of volunteers on the day of the Grand Finale. 


fot. Stanisław Wadas

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