Preliminary result of the 31st Grand Finale: 154 606 764 PLN Our account balance now:
154 606 764 PLN
Grand Finale

Your run, walk, or skateboard ride supports the GOCC!

2021-01-31 15:36:52

Runners in Poland and across the world could register and choose their own route. They all had one goal: to traverse a 5-kilometre distance by the means of their choosing. They could run, walk, skateboard, jog on a treadmill, or kayak, as long as the distance goal was met.

Each runner was supporting the GOCC’s effort because the sign-up fee helps support the GOCC’s Personal Insulin Pumps for Pregnant Women with Diabetes program. Each runner receives a run t-shirt, a medal, and some gadgets from the run’s main sponsor - the fruit and vegetable product manufacturer Dawtona.
This year’s edition saw the most registered participants: a whopping 10530 runners, who had to record and submit their 5k race entries anytime between the 25th and 31st of January.


15. edycja biegu "Policz się z cukrzycą", fot. Łukasz Widziszowski


This year’s Get Even With Diabetes Run is the 15th edition of the GOCC’s diabetes initiative. The aim is to collect money for personal insulin pumps for people who are currently pregnant or are trying to get pregnant. So far, since 2004, the GOCC Foundation has purchased 1573 state-of-the-art personal insulin pumps that have been donated to 38 medical centres nationwide.

Share your run with us! Tag us in your pictures! 

Did you take part in the Get Even With Diabetes run? Share your photos, videos, and memories in social media with the hashtag #15biegWOSP and tell us, how you’re supporting this initiative!

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