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Grand Finale

Donate till March

2021-02-11 16:30:28


We played beautifully, energetically and - above all else - very effectively. Even though the 29th Grand Finale is now history, you can still support the Grand Finale fundraiser's objective and help us buy medical equipment for children's laryngology, otolaryngology, and head diagnostics. We want to overhaul how public wards are equipped and donate modern medical devices. 

Did you know that you still can donate in aid of our fundraiser? 


Donate on our website 

You can still donate on our website. The payment site is easy to navigate, safe, and quick to use. All you need to do is, give your name, enter the amount and proceed for a fast transfer. Jurek also thanks for each donation, offering personalized message. 


Donate here 


Wspieraj 29. Finał nie wychodząc z domu, fot. Łukasz Widziszowski



◉ Could you send us a text? 

You can text your support - write the word heart in Polish or enter an emoji to donate in aid of our initiative. 


◉ Donate via BLIK 

Blik payments are trendy payment methods. You can donate using an application installed on your phone, which is tied with your bank account. Donating via BLIK is as easy and quick as sending a text to your friend. 


◉ Donate via Facebook 

Facebook fundraisers are active until the end of February. You can either donate on our Facebook profile or create your very own Facebook fundraiser in our name. If you set the deadline for your fundraiser for the end of February, all money you raise will go towards the objective of this year's Grand Finale. 

We managed to raise an impressive PLN 20 million thanks to Facebook fundraisers! 



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