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Commissioner for the Human Rights in Michałowo Humanitarian Point

2021-11-16 19:35:26


Dunja Mijatovic, who is the Commissioner for the Human Rights at the Council of Europe, was joined by the representatives of the Polish Ombudsman's office on the first leg of her visit to assess the situation on the border between Poland and Belarus and gain first-hand accounts from activists and volunteers engaged in humanitarian efforts in the region. 


The Commissioner paid a visit to the municipality of Michałowo and met with the representatives of different NGOs to obtain first-hand knowledge about the work they do, about the conditions on the border, and to inquire what can be done to improve the situation of people seeking refuge in Poland, who have been effectively stranded between Poland and Belarus. Volunteers and activists spoke out about their experiences. We shared information about how the humanitarian aid point is organized, how it's run, and its impact on the work of volunteers on the ground. It is worth noting that we have established the first link in a supply chain for volunteers and activists, who work to reach the refugees and donated medical equipment and perishables for over PLN 40 000 to medics running emergency medical assistance on the border. 


As weather conditions deteriorate and the access to the area where most people, who require help, are currently stranded or lost is restricted, the situation becomes more and more concerning. 


Together with other NGOs and activists, we reiterated our demands for humanitarian aid workers and medics to be allowed entry to the restricted area around the border between Poland and Belarus. We also ask for journalists to be allowed to report from the restricted area. 



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