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More artists join the Grand Finale concert!

2023-12-04 20:15:00

The 32nd Grand Finale concert will start playing in less than 60 days! Jurek Owsiak revealed the latest additions to the lineup for the event taking place on January 28, 2024 at PGE Narodowy meadows!

The Grand Finale concert will be - for the first time - held at the PGE Narodowy meadows. Next to the music stage, there will be the Great Orchestra's television studio. 


ENEJ, a popular music band hailing from Poland, skilfully weaves folky beats into a variety of genres. It was established in 2002 in Olsztyn, Poland. Piotr and Paweł Sołoducha both come from Ukrainian descent, while Mirosław Ortyński was born in Lviv, and the remaining 5 members of the band were all born in Poland.
Not only does their exceptional style, diversity, and energy shine through, and their unique musical interpretaions reach far beyond the national music stage. Enej has given concerts in the USA, the UK, Lithuania, Ukraine, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany or Ireland, receiving a warm reception wherever they played. 
Enej is:
  • Piotr (Lolek) Sołoducha,
  • Mirosław (Mynio) Ortyński,
  • Paweł (Bolek) Sołoducha,
  • Kuba (Czaplay) Czaplejewicz,
  • Łukasz (Długi) Przyborowski,
  • Damian (Pinki) Pińkowski,
  • Kornel Kondrak,
  • Piotr (Pancur) Pankowski.


Pull The Wire 


Pull The Wire's history has been redefined following the unveiling of their album 'Life is a Western' in 2021. With their latest album, the band has solidified their place in the rock community and has been dominating the biggest festival stages in the country. They have rocked the crowds at Pol'and'Rock Festival, Rockowizna Jarocin, CieszFanów, MateriaFest, Rock na Bagnie, and Zew się Budzi, and have had the honour of performing alongside renowned international acts including Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Billy Talent, Rise Against, and Anti Flag.
In 2023, the audience award “the Golden Spinning Top” was bestowed upon the artists by Jurek Owsiak at the Pol'and'Rock Festival's Main Stage, in recognition of their outstanding performance in 2022. This prestigious award has been previously received by Nocny Kochanek, Kwiat Jabłoni, Łydka Grubasa, Hey, Dżem, T.Love, Lao Che, Coma, Hunter, and Happysad.
Pull the Wire is:
  • Paweł “Marszal” Marszałek,
  • Adam “Micro” Marszałek,
  • Daniel “Koziar” Koźbiał,
  • Marek Adamek.




Proletaryat is known for their hardcore sounds and authentic, powerful message. They have rocked the music industry for 3 decades, coining new loyal fans year after year. After their impressive performance on the Second Stage during the 29th Pol'and'Rock Festival, Proletaryat will perform at the music show of the 32nd Grand Finale on the PGE Narodowy meadows.
Proletaryat is:
  • Tomasz “Oley” Olejnik,
  • Dariusz “Kacper” Kacprzak,
  • Robert “Mały” Hajduk,
Wiktor Daraszkiewicz.

Poparzeni Kawą Trzy


The Poparzeni Kawą Trzy band has come of age. It came into existence in 2005, thanks to the collaboration of journalists from Radio RMF FM and Radio Zet. The release of their first album in 2011 coincided with their spectacular success at the Top Trendy Festival in Sopot, where the band won the Journalists' Award, and a month later won at the nationwide "Przebojem na antenę" festival. 
From performing at the 2012 Woodstock Festival Poland (which was recorded on DVD) to headlining the 2016 Woodstock Festival Poland and other major events like the Chad Festival, CieszFanów Festival, and Grand Finale music shows by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Poparzeni Kawą Trzy has been making waves in Poland's festival scene. Millions of people now consider "Kawałek do Tańca" a must-have track for their New Year's Eve festivities.
Poparzeni Kawą Trzy is:
  • Roman Osica,
  • Krzysztof Zasada,
  • Wojciech Jagielski,
  • Mariusz Gierszewski,
  • Piotrek Sławiński,
  • Marian Hilla,
  • Jacek Kret.

The 32nd Grand Finale 

The 32nd Grand Finale will be organized on 28 January 2024. The main objective of this year's fundraiser is “Post-pandemic lungs.” This means that our goal is to purchase medical equipment for the diagnosis, monitoring, and rehabilitation of pulmonary diseases in both children and adults. The motto for this year's event is: We're all in tune! 

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