1% = 7 386 754!

2017-10-05 12:25:07

The charitable tax donation drive has surpassed our expectations, and we have seen the donation total increase by 3 000 000 PLN this year! The sum we have received will go towards the purchase of medical equipment and cars for children's hospices

Children's hospices are unique care facilities which serve to care for terminally and gravely ill children, providing their parents with support, help, and advice. The main objective of the staff is to relieve the pain children experience and to allow them and their loved ones to enjoy - as much as it is possible - the time they have together. Home hospices offer families the possibility of palliative care in the patient's home, which is extremely important for the well-being of the children and their parents and families. 


Samochody dla hospicjów przekazane przez WOŚP podczas 25. Finału WOŚP, fot. Robert Grablewski


In the previous years, donations of 1% of your tax return have allowed us purchase cars and equipment for children's hospices. We have also used funds raised via annual tax returns to: 

  • purchase MRI for Memorial Children's Hospital 
  • purchase AEDs, which were later installed in public places such as museums, railway stations 
  • run our educational initiative 
  • purchase personal insulin pumps 
  • support all children's hospices in Poland - we have donated cars and equipment for palliative care 
  • purchase additional equipment for children's oncology 
  • purchase equipment for paediatrics 

Thank you for choosing our initiative - we are grateful for your support! 


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