The 32nd Grand Finale will be held in:
49 dni
Grand Finale

Charity Extravaganza & 50% Online Growth!

2017-01-16 18:28:09

A huge number of people chose to donate online - be it via instant card payment available on our website or by taking part in online auctions. A lot of people decided to find out more about our Foundation and the work we do on day-to-day basis and used our website as the primary source of information. That's why we think that a stability of our servers might play an important part in our success - the website has been available at all times during the Grand Finale. 


Online acution


The Foundation's website has been moved to a cloud, and thanks to cloud computing service provided by Atende we are able to ensure that the website is always up and running. Before the Grand Finale we always make sure to run stress tests to check whether our website can stand the Grand Finale attack. Our website is also our calling card abroad. All in all our servers received 130 million hits and we have recorded  700 528 visitors, out of which 55% of views has been made from mobile devices. 



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