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Grand Finale

Advice for volunteers!

2022-01-23 14:40:00


The 30th Jubilee Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is just a few days away! Volunteers, are you ready? We have 30 ways to make this special day as nice and joyful as possible for you and everyone you meet.

We wish you to meet only kind and nice people during the final’s collection. If you have already been a volunteer, you know that there is nothing more pleasant than a chat with the people who donate to your collection box. If you are a first-time volunteer, it is great that you will have the opportunity to experience this.

On the occasion of the 30th GOCC Finale, we have prepared 30 ways to interact with donors and everyone you meet on that day. We also included some tips on what not to do. We used the advice you shared with us in the comments in the GOCC Finale Volunteers group on Facebook, to which we invite you if you are not there yet.


Nothing warms you up better in the middle of winter than a warm, friendly smile! Not only on this special day but throughout the year, it's worth smiling as much as possible - we guarantee that this will have a positive effect on your mood and the mood of everyone around you!

"Gathering together with friends and smiling always helps even when it's cold."

volunteer Natka

A smiling volunteer at the WOSP Finale photo: Cezary Lewandowski



Passed by cars, cyclists, pedestrians? Wave at them! Who knows, they might wave back, but even if they don't, you have a good chance of making them feel better and putting a smile on their faces!

A pleasant welcome

Is there a donor approaching you willing to throw in the can? Greet him/her nicely - it can be the traditional "Hello", it can be "Hi', "Hey" or "Good morning!". The options are endless, but the important thing is not to forget.

Enquiry about well-being

Asking "How are you today?" or "Are you having a nice day today?" may be nicer and more important to the person you are talking to than you think, and it costs you nothing!

Ask for a name

There is nothing stopping you from making new friends on the 30th of January ! Introduce yourself and ask the other person for their name! Perhaps this will make it easier for you to talk.

Talking about the weather

A classic. But what a nice one. Take a moment to talk about the weather, which we hope will be good that day!

Take time to listen

You never know who will approach you. It may be someone who lives alone and has no one to talk to. Be open to topics of conversation suggested by your donor!

Ask about their history with the GOCC

We love such conversations! We encourage you to ask the person you are having a conversation with about when they started supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, whether they used medical equipment bought thanks to our annual collections, what their favourite Finale activity is.

 Volunteers of the WOSP Finale photo: Marcin Zieliński

Telling your GOCC story

You can also tell about your adventure with the Orchestra. If you want, share with your interlocutor why you decided to become a GOCC volunteer, when you started your finale and what you like the most about being a volunteer.

Making people feel better

A little joke, a funny remark, a bit of laughter - everything is allowed as long as both sides of the conversation agree and are happy with the outcome.

Talking about what the GOCC Foundation does

As a GOCC volunteer, you know quite a lot about the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation - if you meet someone who has heard about our organisation before or knows little about it, tell them what our activity is about.

Talking about what the GOCC Finals are about

We are playing together for the thirtieth time! It's amazing and worth sharing this beautiful idea that has united us for so many years!

Talking about the purpose of this year's collection

This year we are playing for pediatric ophthalmology and we know that you are well aware of this. However, your interlocutors and donors who will be approaching you to throw money into the donation box may not be aware of this - share this knowledge as widely as possible by repeating the aim of our collection and its slogan "See the light".

Talking about what being a GOCC volunteer is all about

Share what being a GOCC volunteer is like and what it involves - maybe your new friend will be inspired and become a volunteer next year.

Talking about how you can support the goal of the 30th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

As you know, there are many forms of supporting the 30th Finale. Tell your interlocutor about them - maybe he/she will decide not only to make a donation to the donation box but also to create his/her own e-Skarbonka or to bid for an item on Allegro auctions.

Talking about the history of GOCC Finals

Many amazing things happened during the 29th GOCC Finale which have already happened. Go ahead and tell them about the ones that you remember most.


Wolontariusze Finału WOŚP fot. Marcin Zieliński


Talking about your local GOCC headquarters

This year, 1,633 organised groups of volunteers are playing with us all over Poland, and each of them is different and has its own individual story. Tell us about your local WOSP HQ and what is going on in it during the 30th GOCC Finale.

Gathering in a larger, happy and smiling group

For safety reasons we always remind you not to fundraise alone, but in larger groups. Another advantage of collecting with several other people is that the more the merrier - for you and for those around you.

The fact is that gathering in several people is always very funny and someone will say something. Then a cup of tea and you are on your way until your legs hurt.

~ Volunteer Peter

Volunteers of the GOCC Finale photo: Marcin Zieliński

Smile-inducing disguises

Your creativity knows no limits! Dress up for the Finale and spread positive energy!

Colourful dressing up! Have fun with friends and make people feel better!

~ volunteer Aleksandra


Being polite and well behaved

This is a piece of advice not just for Finals Day - remember to always be polite and well behaved when talking to other people.

Enquiry where to put the heart sticker

Some people like to wear them on their jacket, some on their hat, some on their handbag - the ways to wear our heart stickers are endless! Ask your donor where they would like you to stick a heart sticker.

Proposing an extra heart for loved ones

These days, not everyone can get out of the house on the day of the Finale to meet a volunteer and make a donation in person. A nice gesture would be to offer the caller an extra heart sticker for those who cannot get them in person.

Wish them to meet next year

Our January event is already a long-standing tradition, who knows, maybe you will meet the same caller next year? After a nice chat, such wishes will be the icing on the cake!

Acknowledgement of support

"Thank you" is a beautiful word and it is worth using it as often as possible. Remember that every donation is just as important and you should thank the donor just as much!

Saying goodbye politely and nicely

Same with the greeting - let's make it as pleasant as possible!

And what is not worth doing?

We do not solicit contributions

We do not "chase" someone with a collection box, we do not put it under their nose

We do not comment on the size of the donation

We are not asking for a larger donation

We do not enter into discussion with people that are against our cause

We wish you all the best on the 30th WOSP Finale day, full of love and smiles!


translated by Łukasz Kujac 


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