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The Most Advanced CT Scanner in the Country Donated by the GOCC

2020-09-17 12:38:01


The device, using positron emission tomography and computer tomography to diagnose children at the Memorial Children's Hospital in Warsaw, which is the leading paediatric facility in Poland. Memorial Children's Hospital is not only the largest and most respected paediatric hospital in the country, but it is also the leading research facility advancing paediatric care in Poland. Doctors and medical personnel will be able to rely on the state of the art PET / CT scanner to determine exactly how to treat their little patients. 

PET is an imagining technique used in the are of medical imagining measuring body activities such as metabolism, blood flow, and chemical composition of chosen regions of the body. CT function allows PET images to be reconstructed by an X-ray scan performed on the body during the same session, using the same machine. The machines are commonly used to detect cancer formations, bone formations, and to measure blood flow in patients. The device is extremely precise and effective, so it allows doctors to direct treatment with precision and focus. The device serves to limit unnecessary treatment and stress connected with finding the best solution. 

Thus far our charity has donated over 1 200 devices worth over PLN 53 000 000 to Memorial Children's Hospital. 





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